Home and School Visitor Certificate

Application to the Program (for non-current Bryn Mawr graduate students)

     Bryn Mawr's HSV program requires the completion of four graduate courses, a school-based practicum, three Professional Development courses, and an Integrative Seminar. NOTE: Each Bryn Mawr master's unit is the equivalent of four semester hours. Each half master's unit is the equivalent of two semester hours. Professional Development courses offer continuing education credit only.

      The following approved graduate courses are offered through Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR. Please see Transfer and/or Waiver Credit guidelines if appropriate. Note that, taken in sequence, the academic requirements for the Certificate may be completed within one academic year. All courses are held on-site at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

1)  Cultural Competency: The Home and School Visitor Certificate program assumes that MSW graduates of CSWE-accredited institutions have satisfied the cultural competency requirement set forth in their degree programs. Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR students satisfy this requirement within the MSS program. NOTE: Those applicants who do not possess an MSW can request transfer credit consideration for a course they feel is equivalent (syllabus required for consideration); enroll in Bryn Mawr's Multiculturalism course, or discuss other alteratives with the Certifying Officer of the HSV Program.

2)  Graduate Level Courses:   Current GSSWSR students may register for these courses as part of the normal course registration process; HSV-only students will be pre-enrolled.

  • Education Law for School Social Workers (B571D) - master's course pertaining to Contitutional as well as Pennsylvania school law; scheduled on Wednesday evenings in fall term (7 weeks); (1/2 unit)

  • Public Education Issues in School Social Work Practice (B570D) - master's course; scheduled on Wednesday evenings in fall term (7 weeks);(1/2 unit)

  • Perspectives on Special Education (B561) - master's course pertaining specifically to social work issues related to diverse learners; scheduled in spring term on Wednesday evenings (1 unit).

  • Elective pertaining to treatment of children and adolescents – master's course (1 unit) The elective must incorporate significant content pertaining to treatment of children and adolescents withn the context of individual, family or group work. Examples of approved BMCGSSWSR courses are:
              B559    - Family Therapy (1 unit)
              B560D  - Attachment Based Couples Therapy (1 unit)
              B564    - Group Therapy (1 unit)
              B565    - Clinical Social Work w/Children & Adolescents (1 unit)
              B572    - Clinical Social Work and Trauma (1 unit)
              B580    - Adolescents in Family Therapy (1 unit)

  • School-Based Practicum - a supervised practicum that includes a minimum of 375 hours in a school setting, working with students and their families as well as teachers and other support staff. (1 unit)   See Transfer and/or Waiver Credit for options for this requirement.

  • Integrative Seminar (B577a and B577b)- non-credit seminar focuses on integration of the practice of social work and the unique context of the public education system in Pennsylvania.  Sessions (12) are scheduled on specific Wednesday evenings during the fall and spring terms immediately following the Wednesday evening HSV-required master's classes. Attendance at a minimum of nine of the 12 sessions is required. Transfer credit for this requirement will not be considered.

3)  Professional Development Courses: Students will register for these courses through the Center for Professional Development. All are scheduled on Saturdays.

  • Education Law Expanded (B5030) - Two session professional development course scheduled on Saturdays in the spring term.  This course expands on the Educational Law for School Social Workers graduate course, providing more information on IDEA and ESL. Other legal topics pertinent to social workers will also be discussed. Continuing education and Act 48 credit only.
  • English Language Learners: The Role of the School Social Worker (B5020) - Professional Development course scheduled during the fall term includes two full-day Saturday classroom sessions. In addition, students schedule a classroom observation at either the elementary or secondary level that includes an interview of an ESL instructor. Classroom observation and interview are scheduled during the interim between the first and second classroom sessions. Continuing education and Act 48 credit only.
  • Psychological Testing for School Social Workers (B5000 and B5010) - Two-session Professional Development course scheduled on Saturdays in spring term  Reading requirement. Continuing education and Act 48 credit only.