Home and School Visitor Certificate

Final Steps for Certification

Upon completion of Bryn Mawr's program requirements, including posting of BMC grades, acceptance of transfer credits, and receipt of all pertinent materials pertaining to the student's Bryn Mawr HSV record, the student will receive an official email from Bryn Mawr indicating completion of the requirements. The email will direct students to the TIMS website for online application for the certificate. Once the student completes the online application, Bryn Mawr will finalize the process by affirming the student's completion of the preparation program and recommending the student for the certificate.

Appliants for the HSV Certificate are required to apply online to PDE for the Certificate. Note that the name of the new application system (TIMS) refers to Teacher Information Management System, but the system will also track Home and School Visitor Certification. Students should familiarize themselves with this process prior to application.

Details of the new electronic application process are available on the PDE website. New information will be posted to the site by PDE as updates become available, and it is recommended that students not print out current information that might be superseded by a future update.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to request supporting materials from other academic institutions, including official transcripts and syllabi, and to submit the materials to the attention of the Center for Professional Development.


Rev. 11/21/2011