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Application to the Program


To be considered for transfer credit, courses must have been completed within five years of the transfer credit request and been awarded a grade of B or above.  To be considered for waiver credit, field experiences must also have occurred within five years of the waiver request. (eff. 4/1/2014)

Transfer credit for master's courses will be considered upon the receipt of an official graduate transcript and supporting materials in the form of a course syllabus for each transfer credit request. (Students requesting transfer credit for a course to be completed through another academic institution must first submit the syllabus of that course for approval prior to enrolling in the course.) Field experiences and graduate courses will be evaluated on the basis of their content and their reflection of current standards.

Note that courses for which students seek transfer credit should demonstrate course content pertaining to accommodations and adaptations for students with disabilities as well as English language learners. Questions about suitability of specific courses may be directed to swprodev@brynmawr.edu.

Requests for waiver credit for a field practicum experience (minimum of 375 hours) completed through another graduate institution are to be accompanied by written verification from a direct supervisor of responsibilities held and length of time spent in the placement, identification of the school and school district where the practicum took place, as well as verification of its satisfactory completion. See Field Instructor Report.

Requests for a waiver of the field practicum requirement will be considered for individuals who are employed in a school setting, as well as for those individuals who arrange a school-based intern experience not associated with Bryn Mawr.  In each instance, the individual's direct supervisor must provide the verification outlined above by completing the Field Instructor Report.

Note that Bryn Mawr College awards credit on a one master's unit per graduate course basis. Each Bryn Mawr master's unit is the equivalent of four semester hours. Each half master's unit is the equivalent of two semester hours.

Course credit is not considered for life or previous work experience.