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Public Health and Social Work Practice

Friday, November 15, 2013

$125 (see Registration Information for discount information)
6 CEUs

Social workers have a unique perspective on both physical and mental health. There is an urgent imperative to examine health more broadly, and to explore and address the social and political conditions underlying well-being, i.e., the social determinants of health. At the same time, benefit is derived from understanding how public health perspectives and traditions might amplify practical and theoretical knowledge, and assist in promoting well-being. Using historical information, case studies, and discussions, this seminar explores the discipline of public health and addresses the ways it can inform social work practice at various levels (individual, family, community, and larger society). Particular attention is given to the diverse definitions of health, the ways in which culture informs health, how patterns of inequality and injustice affect individual and population health, and the incorporation of a social justice perspective on health.  Upon completion of this seminar, participants are able to: (1) define and identify entities responsible for the mission and fundamental activities within public health; (2) describe the three core public health functions; (3) articulate how public health and social work are historically and philosophically linked; and (4) explain how public health principles and functions are currently informing, or may be able to inform and enhance, their social work practice. This training is appropriate for all levels of post-master’s degreed practitioners as well as advanced bachelor’s degreed practitioners in healthcare settings, health education and health promotion, and health policy advocacy.  Participants who have experience in physical and/or mental health settings, or who have interest in health promotion and prevention frameworks will find this workshop beneficial.

Cindy Sousa, PhD, MSW, MPH, is assistant  professor of social work at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.  Her research focuses on individual and community health and resilience in the face of violence, and she has over ten years’ experience in direct practice with an emphasis on health education and health promotion with youth, families, and communities.