James Baumohl

James Baumohl Jim Baumohl earned undergraduate, MSW and PhD degrees from the University of California, Berkeley. Before turning to full-time academic employment in 1986, he held jobs as a street worker, a shelter director, a tenant organizer, and a wine merchant, among others. Prior to joining the Bryn Mawr faculty in 1990, he taught at McGill University in Montreal, where he helped develop Canada’s first joint degree in law and social work. Since 1973, Baumohl has written extensively about homelessness, welfare policy, and the history of alcohol and drug treatment and control policy. He is the editor of Homelessness in America (1996), a benefit book for the National Coalition for the Homeless, and an editor of the interdisciplinary quarterly, Contemporary Drug Problems. Baumohl teaches courses on social welfare history and policy, social theory, addictions, and disability.

Email: jbaumohl@brynmawr.edu

Research and Scholarly Interests: Social welfare policy and history; alcohol- and drug-control policy; urban poverty.

Substantive Specialization: Homelessness.