Sara Bressi

Sara Bressi is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.  Dr. Bressi earned her MSW and PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice.  Her research in the area of mental health and health services research with adults and older adults with serious mental illnesses has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, and explores the impact of health disparities among these persons on their ability to access quality health care that is continuous, comprehensive, and coordinated in the community.  Her research has been published in leading journals including Psychiatric Services and the Harvard Review of Psychiatry.   In 2009, she was awarded the Clowes Assistant Professorship in Science and Public Policy by the College.  Dr. Bressi is a licensed social worker and has practiced in medical and mental health settings with a variety of populations including adolescent and adult women, persons who identify as LGBTQI, persons with chronic medical illnesses, those at the end of life, and college students struggling with anxiety and depression.  She is a graduate of the Psychoanalytic Center of Phildadelphia’s adult psychotherapy training program.          

Dr. Bressi teaches foundation practice, as well as courses in social and behavioral theory and adult development and aging.  She chairs the foundation practice teaching group, serves as the faculty advisor to the advanced standing program, works with admissions’ staff on recruitment and review of applicants, and chairs the faculty working group guiding the  AB/MSS pilot degree program at Bryn Mawr.