Janet Eisenberg Shapiro

  Janet Shapiro completed all of her undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Michigan. She was awarded an MSW, an MA in developmental psychology, and a PhD. in social work and developmental psychology. Before coming to Bryn Mawr, she was an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh and worked with community-based agencies in the development and evaluation of programs for at-risk families. Shapiro is currently researching the implications of cognitive neuroscience for infant mental health and clinical social work. She recently published a book on clinical practice in the areas of adoption and assisted reproductive technology. She teaches foundation practice, human behavior and clinical social work with children and adolescents.

Email: jshapiro@brynmawr.edu

Research and Scholarly Interests: Early social and emotional developing; coping skills in infants and children, neurobiology of affect regulation.

Substantive Specialization: Child and adolescent development, application of developmental theory to clinical practice.