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                 FOR STUDENTS AND ALUMNI


Genny Dunne 
Career Counselor                        
Office: 610-520-2615            

Current students and Alumni: Email Genny to arrange for face-to-face or telephone career counseling conversations.

Alumni and Social Work Employers are Invited to Attend the:


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016, 1:00 to 3:00 pm, GSSWSR at  300 Airdale Road, Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010

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Employment Job Boards:

Click links below to enter password protected job boards.

Masters Jobs **

Ph.D. Jobs **
   **  For user name and password, send an e-mail to with your name and graduation year from BMC GSSWSR and a reply will be e-mailed to you with the user name and password within 2 business days.

The Graduate School of Social Work learns of jobs from many area agencies, social work alumni and area employers via multiple sources. Social Work as well as Human & Social Services job listings, among others, are posted for current students and alumni in our on-line password protected job boards.  These boards are specifically ONLY FOR THE USE OF GSSWSR STUDENTS AND ALUMNI.

The job boards are one resources for full and part-time jobs for Master's and Ph.D. prepared Social Work professionals across a wide spectrum of categories. The date the job is posted is in the top right hand corner of each listing. Listings are added from the top to make it easier to see new postings.  Postings will be removed after 3 months. *Before applying to any job posting, it would be best to check with the employer to be certain the job is still open and not filled.  Application materials go directly to the employer and not through GSSWSR.


Individual Career Counseling

The career counselor is conveniently located in the GSSWSR classroom building to meet the individual needs of current students and alumni. Individual career counseling will help you:

  • Define your career interests in specific social work fields and populations.
  • Determine your best career paths based on your strengths, values and interests.
  • Develop an effective job search strategy.
  • Write powerful resumes and CV's using social work specific terminology.
  • Write cover letters that get you noticed.
  • Sharpen your interview skills.
  • Negotiate the job offer.
  • Transition to a new career.

All advisement meetings are confidential.

Lunch-hour Workshops

Planned conveniently during students' class breaks throughout the fall and spring semesters, Career Development Services offers workshops developed according to student needs and in alignment with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) 41 Practice Behaviors and 10 Core Competencies for personal and professional growth as a Social Worker.  Workshops address social work specific, and sometimes year specific career development topics such as: strengths identification, SW career paths, getting your license, resume format and content, interviewing skills, job search strategy, and cover letters.
See the current schedule of workshops on the GSSWSR Events Calendar.

Career Information and Jobs Fair

Located on site at the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, the annual Career Information and Jobs Fair held each March, hosts 30 (plus) employers who come to campus specifically to meet with social work students; many with job openings for graduating students. GSSWSR alumni are also invited to attend.

Networking Contacts

Many alumni from the Graduate School of Social Work and from Bryn Mawr College are willing to talk with students and other alums about what they do. Our alumni are among our most valued resources. If you are evaluating career opportunities, seeking information about employers or wish to learn more about a professional role, the advice of experienced alumni can be invaluable.

Online Alumnae Directory:

If you have not previously received a password, follow the link on the Alumnae site and click on "Request a Password".

Athena's Web

Athena's web is another online community of Bryn Mawr alumnae. This will connect you to a pool of alums in any particular region.

Letters of Reference Service

Bryn Mawr College Career and Professional Development (CPD) offers a "credentials" service whereby you may store your letters of reference. Upon request, the CPD forwards letters on your behalf to potential employers or to graduate schools. Learn more about the service and download forms at:

Professional Development

In keeping with the School's commitment to continuous learning throughout each social worker's career, the School offers a professional development series running from September through February. These workshops for post-graduate professionals present a spectrum of social work issues sensitive to the needs and suggestions of alumni. See current schedule of Professional Development classes.