Resources for New Students

Welcome to Bryn Mawr College's Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research!

While honoring a rich history with our 100th in 2015, GSSWSR has been providing students with a rigorous academic program within a vibrant learning community.

This Resources for New Students webpage provides you an overview and links to the necessary next steps for your success. As an enrolled student, you will have access to Bryn Mawr Email, Bi-Co Online Information Center (BIONIC) and Moodle. Each of these platforms uses the same username and password. The Bryn Mawr Help Desk can provide assistance with username and/or password concerns - 610-526-7440.

Email (url:

College offices will communicate with you via your Bryn Mawr email address. Should you choose to forward your Bryn Mawr email to an external carrier, we cannot guarantee delivery to outside addresses; you will be responsible for ensuring that these communications will be received.

Bi-Co Online Information Center (BIONIC)

  • Class registration
  • Confirm enrollment
  • View class schedule
  • Other Student Self Service functions available through BIONIC: view grades, unofficial transcript, financial aid, student account, etc.

Moodle (url:

Students should refer to Moodle for announcements and information on a regular basis. Most instructors and Field Education use Moodle for course syllabi, readings and assignments. If your course(s) does not appear in Moodle, it is possible your instructor is not using the system or has not yet “activated” their course. Note: Confirmation of your enrollment is done on BIONIC. (not Moodle)

Other Resources: