Resources for Current Students

The Writing Lab, one of the academic support services provided by the Graduate School to all students, free of charge, is a place where you can receive objective feedback on your writing as well as input regarding various ways to help strengthen your discussion. This collaboration between writing mentor and student can focus on various aspects of the writing process:

  • Generating ideas in response to the writing assignment;
  • Organizing ideas to support overall coherence in your discussion;
  • Supporting your discussion with specific evidence and citing such evidence accurately;
  • Fine-tuning word choice, sentence & paragraph structure, transitions, and grammatical issues.
Writing Lab:
  • Assist with conceptualizing & understanding assignments
  • Help you to organize your thoughts & ideas
  • Offer suggestions for getting past writing blocks
  • Provide instruction on the basic structure of papers
  • Review your writing & offer suggestions for strengthening your work
  • Help you to avoid plagiarism
  • Provide assistance individualy & in groups (& through email)
  • Weekday, Evening & Weekend Hours by Appointment
  • Please call or email ahead of time for availability

Contact Information:

Karen Earle


Office: Online
Office Phone: n/a