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Center for Science in Society


To facilitate the broad conversations, involving scientists and non-scientists as well as academics and non-academics, which are essential to continuing explorations of :
• the natural world and humanity's place in it
• the nature of education
• the generation, synthesis, and evaluation of information
• technology and its potentials
• the relationships among forms of creativity and understanding


Center for Social Sciences

The Center for the Social Sciences was established in 2006 to respond to the need for stronger linkages and cooperation among the social sciences at Bryn Mawr College. Uniting all the social sciences under an inclusive umbrella, the Center provides opportunities for consideration of broad substantive foci within the fundamentally comparative nature of the social science disciplines, while training different disciplinary lenses on a variety of issues.


Center for International Studies


The Bryn Mawr College Center for International Studies brings together scholars from various fields to define global issues and confront them in their appropriate social, scientific, cultural and linguistic contexts. The center supports collaborative, cross-disciplinary research by faculty and students and prepares students for life and work in the highly interdependent world and global economy of the 21st century.


"Border crossing" stays our central theme. Internally, we want to emphasize our construction of bridges within the social sciences and within the humanities and, most importantly, between the social sciences and the humanities. Globally, the permeability of borders is both a timely and heuristic topic. In the past few years, we focused on research grants and sponsored lectures as the primary instruments with which to achieve our goals.


Center for Visual Culture


Throughout the 20th century, Bryn Mawr College has been a distinguished site of study of the ancient and modern visual arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture. One of the College's four new Centers for 21st Century Inquiry, the Center for Visual Culture draws upon Bryn Mawr's rich traditions in art and archaeology and augments them with an equally rigorous study of visual media from the invention of photography and film in the 19th century to the proliferation of interactive digital media in the 21st.


The Center for Visual Culture provides a forum for a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular events such as lectures, conferences, film series, exhibitions, and trips. The Center underwrites travel expenses associated with undergraduate and graduate research, and also supports postdoctoral scholars engaged in projects extending in scope from ancient Constantinople to the Hollywood of today. These visitors enjoy the use of the excellent visual and textual resources of Carpenter and Canaday libraries and also contribute much to the intellectual life of the College through public and more informal discussions of their work.