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Staff Association

101 N. Merion Ave.
Bryn Mawr College

What We Do

Staff Association representatives advocate for staff in several ways.  We represent staff on several College committees:  Compensation and Benefits Committee, Administrative Office Heads, College Budget Committee, Committee on Institutional Priorities, and the Board of Trustees.  We also meet with two members of the Board of Trustees two or three times a year to let them know about staff initiatives, issues, and concerns.  On a more personal level, we are available to help staff members with issues them may be facing in their particular workplace.  While we don't have the power to intervene in individual situations, we are happy to accompany staff members for moral support to meet with H.R. Director, Marty Mastascusa and/or Staff Liaison, Raymond Albert.  We meet with Marty Mastascusa and Chief Administrative Officer, Jerry Berenson, bi-monthly to apprise them of any issues or general trends that are causing distress amongst the staff.