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                              STAFF ASSOCIATION CONSTITUTION
Article I. Name
The name of the organization shall be the Bryn Mawr College StaffAssociation.

Article II. Membership
1. Every person employed at the College shall be a member of the Staff Association, with the exception of members of the senior staff administration (those who report directly to the President) and those with primarily faculty or student status.
2. Payment of dues shall constitute a member's eligibility to hold office within the organization, have voting privileges, and represent the Staff Association on College committees.

Article III. Purpose
The purpose of the Association shall be to filrther the quality 'of the College's services and the welfare of its employees by providing:
1. A formal line of communication between the staff, the Bryn Mawr College administration, and other groups of the Bryn Mawr College Community.
2. A forum for staff discussion of College policies, procedures, and conditions of employment, and a means for taking constructive action.

Article IV. Representatives and Officers
1. The officers shall be elected every May to fill vacancies for a two year term.  Officers may serve two consecutive terms and be elected again after a one year interval and individual terms shall be staggered to provide continuity/Or appointed by Executive Committee when no nominations have been submitted. The four officers share responsibility for convening meetings, taking minutes, meeting with
administration, the Chief Administration Officer and the Director of Human Resources.
2. The Executive Council shall consist of representatives elected from each category of employee working at the College. The categories and representation shall be established in the bylaws. The officers shall also be members of the Executive Council.
3. Representatives to the Executive Council shall be elected by written ballot by the membership for a two year term. Representatives may succeed themselves once and may
be elected again after a one-year interval.
4. The Executive Council shall have the power to call meetings, to appoint committees as specified in Article IV, section 6 and Article V, section 1, and to appoint representatives to College Committees, as specified in Article V, section 6.
5. The officers shall preside over the meetings of the Association; dues shall be collected by an officer; minutes shall be taken by an officer or one of the Executive Council members who will account for dues and report at each Executive Council and general
6. The Executive Council shall present a slate of candidates for the officers, members of the Executive Council and a representative to the Board of Trustees.
8. The slate shall be presented at, or prior to a spring general meeting, and nominations accepted from the floor. The vote shall be by written ballot.

Article V. Committees
1. The Executive Council will send delegates to College committees as needed.  Appointees may include one Executive Council member to each committee. Staff Association representatives to College committees shall attend Executive Council meetings to report on committee activities, and one member shall be designated to submit
a report to-the Staff Association.
2. The Executive Council shall appoint ad hoc committees as necessary.
3. All committees shall be broad based and shall represent various segments of the staff.

Article VI. Vacancies
The Executive Council shall fill any vacancies, efl'ective until the next election.

Article VII. Dues
Dues to carry on the work of the Association shall be voted yearly by the Executive Council, presented for vote at a spring general meeting, and shall cover subsequent year (June 1- May 3l).

Article VIII.
30% shall constitute a quorum at any general, Executive Council or committee meeting.

Article IX. Amendments
The Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority of those voting. The vote shall be taken at a general meeting. Copies of the proposed amendment shall have been circulated to the membership at least 2 weeks before the vote. The bylaws may be similarly amended by a majority vote. Only dues paying members are eligible to vote.

Article X. Meetings
1. General meetings shall be held at least once a semester or at the request of the Executive Council, the officers, or 10 members of the Association.
2. The Executive Council shall meet monthly or at least twice a semester or at the request of 10 members of the Association.

1. Staff Association notices shall be posted in major campus buildings on bulletin boards designated by the College for posting of position openings as well as on the website.
2. Notices of an agenda for general meetings shall be sent to members at least one week in advance of the meeting. Special meetings may be called with 48 hours' written notice.
3. The minutes of all meetings of the Staff Association will be emailed to all staffand also be posted on the designated bulletin boards for those without email access within one week of committee approval of the minutes and posted to the StaffAssociation website.
4. The Executive Council shall post its slate of proposed officers and representatives on the designated bulletin boards 2 weeks before the general meeting at which the slate is presented.
5. Employee categories are Administrative-Professional (AP), Service-Craft (SC), and Clerical-Technical (CT). There will be three representatives in their category with the possibility of a fourth person as an Alternate.
6. Staff members may join the Staff Association at any time during the year, but dues will not be prorated.
7. The Board of Trustees invites 2 Staff Association representatives to attend its quarterly meetings. One representative shall be appointed by tile Executive Council and shall be chosen from current Executive Council members at the time of appointments. The other representative shall be elected at tile regular general election. The term shall be two years and elections and appointments shall be staggered to provide continuity. Representatives may succeed themselves once, and may serve again after a one year
interval. Both members shall attend Executive Council meetings,

and one shall be designated to submit a written annual report to the Staff Association.

Updated April l 1, 2014
ratified by show of hands vote: 6/5/2014