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The First Ten Years

With many thanks to Shirley Noble in the treasurer's office, who presented this information at a general meeting in 1984.

May, 1974

A group of staff members concerned mainly with salary inequities met and discussed this and other staff issues in May of 1974 with the intent of forming a staff association similar to the one already in existence at the Library since 1970, but for all employees. The meeting was led by Judi McFadden, Executive Director of the Campaign Office (wife of Charles McFadden, Acquisitions Librarian in Canaday). Trudi Reed, Head Reference Librarian, spoke to the group about the existing staff association at the Library and circulated copies of their constitution.

Goals discussed were:

- To further the quality of the College's services and the welfare of all employees.
- To provide a line of communication in all directions in the community.
- To provide a forum and means for taking constructive action on policies, procedures and conditions of employment.

June 10 and June 27, 1974

The group met with President Harris Wofford, Dean Mary Patterson McPherson, Director of Personnel Services Margaret McKenna, and Business Manager Paul Klug to submit their proposal for an association.

September 1974

A general meeting was held, with 69 staff members attending, who voted to establish the Bryn Mawr College Staff Association, complete with a proposed constitution and bylaws and four committees: salary, personnel, benefits, and nominating.


December 1974

An ad hoc committee reported to the Administration the staff's desire for an employee benefits booklet, classification of jobs on campus, and a 12% cost of living raise. (It should be noted that 12% was the rate of inflation at that time and salary increases were far below that.)

February 20, 1975

A second general meeting was held, with election of the following officers:

President: Judi McFadden, Campaign Office
Vice President: Julie Painter, Recorder
Secretary: Grace Irish, Social Work
Treasurer: Agnes Dougherty, Comptroller's Office
Others on Executive Council or active at the time: Carol and Sam Campbell, Florence Goff, Nancy Monnich, Ralph Powers, and Penny Schwind.

October 20, 1975

A Constitution was presented at a general meeting and was ratified (with the substitution of "Chairperson for "Chairman"). Dues were set at $1.50 per year.

In an effort to increase cooperation and communication between staff and administration, President McPherson established the Personnel Committee, consisting of subcommittees on:

- Compensation (and Classification)
- Employment
- Benefits
- Policies and Procedures
- Communication and Training

These committees were staffed with a combination of administrators and staff members. Their concerns overlapped in many instances and consensus was difficult to achieve.

At the request of the Staff Association, the above configuration was changed to three committees with 6 members each, 3 appointed by President McPherson and 3 appointed by the Staff Association. The committees were:

- Compensation and Benefits
- Policies and Procedures
- Classification

The Executive Council, comprised of the officers and representatives from each of the three classifications of staff began to meet on a regular basis, the first Monday of each month.

At the same time, a pool of staff members were chosen to serve on a Grievance Appeals Committee. (They were called on 4 times between 1975 and 1988.)


Past Presidents

1974 - 75 Judi McFadden, Campaign Office
1975 - 76 Dolores Brien, Career Planning
1976 - 77 Kathleen Mooney, Career Planning & John Dooley, Library
1977 - 78 Brian Haley, Library
1978 - 79 Carol Campbell, Library
1979 - 80 Nancy Monnich, Career Planning
1980 - 81 Pat Peckjian, Resources
1981 - 82 Julie Painter, Registrar
1982 - 83 Jeanne Lambert, Resources
1983 - 85 Shirley Noble, Treasurer's Office
1985 - 87 Ann Swavely, Dean's Office
1987 - 89 Diane Craw, Social Work
1989 - 90 Valencia Powell, Copy Center
1990 - 91 Howard Holden, Physical Plant
1991 - 92 Valencia Powell, Copy Center/Post Office & Misty Whelan, Student Life

1992 - 93 Donna Epperly, Computing Center
1993 - 95 Rich Willard, Instrument Shop
1995 - 97 Kirsten O'Beirne, Registrar's Office
1997 - 98 Alisa Giardinelli, Public Information
1999 - 00 Elaine Rullo, Social Work
2000 - 01
2001 - 02 Dawn Welch, Admissions & Jim Simonson, Grounds
2002 - 03 Dottie Gallo, Office of Institutional Diversity
2003-05 We were unable to hold elections
2006-07 Sally Allison, Bookshop; Diane Craw, GSSW & SR; Tamara Johnston, Collections; and Ann Ogle, Psychology.