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Where to Turn Resources for Staff at BMC:

Marty Mastascusa, Director of Human Resources   Marty is available to discuss any of the College's employment related policies. He also welcomes staff to raise with him confidentially any workplace issues or personal concerns they may have.  Marty can be reached by phone at X5266 and email at

Kari Fazio, Chief Administrative Officer Kari is the chief administrative officer of the College.  She is available to discuss any of the College's employment-related policies.  Kari can be reached by phone at X5641 and by email at

Raymond Albert, Equal Opportunity Officer and Staff Issues Liaison Raymond is responsible for monitoring the College's compliance with state and federal Equal Employment Opportunity policies and practices and working with the various campus constituencies to facilitate an understanding of how to apply policies and programs to encourage action, behaviors, and decisions that support equal access, diversity, inclusiveness, and equitable treatment.  In his role as Staff Issues Liaison, he is available as a sounding board for staff who would like to discuss workplace issues in a confidential and "off-the-record" environment.  Raymond will work closely with Human Resources in applying and interpreting policy related issues where appropriate.  As such, he will be an informal, confidential resource to help staff members find the appropriate resources for the resolution of their concerns.  Raymond can be reached by phone at X2636 (610-520-2636 from off-campus) and email at

Stephanie Nixon, Title IX Officer.  Stephanie can be reached by phone at X6571  and by email at

Your Staff Association Representatives

The purpose of the Staff Association is to further the quality of the College's services and the welfare of its employees. All members of staff (apart from Senior Administrative Staff) are members of the Staff Association.

We provide a formal line of communication between   the staff, the administration and other groups from the Bryn Mawr community. We also are a forum for employee discussion of College policies, procedures and conditions of employment, and a means for taking constructive action.

Representatives are elected from each employment category (i.e. S/C, C/T, and A/P) every two years to serve on the Executive Council.  Please feel free to bring any concerns or workplace problems to any one of us.  It is our mission to act as advocates for our fellow staff members at Bryn Mawr College in whatever way we can.

The following is a list of your representatives.  Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.


Carrise Mangano ('14), Student Financial Services, X5514

Anne Marie McElwee ('15) Undergraduate Dean's Office, X5378

Jessica Hollinger ('15) LILAC, X5642

1 Open position


Service Craft Representatives:

Sandy Bonds ('14*), Housekeeping, X7929

Dawn Bruton ('14*), Housekeeping, X7929

1 Open position

Clerical Technical Representatives:

Ann Ogle ('14*), Psychology and Education, X5010

Rodney Matthews ('15), Library & Information Technology Services, X7449

Carol Fritz (15), Student Life, X7331

Administrative/Professional Representatives:

Christine Boyland ('14), Library & Information Technology Services, X7448

Sarah Theobald ('14), Provost's Office, X5509

Representatives to the Board of Trustees:

Christine Boyland, Library & Information Technology Services, X7449

Margaret Kelly, Art, Archaeology and Cities, X5334


Representative to Administrative Office Heads:

Lisa Camma, Development, X7395

Sarah Theobald, Provost's Office, X5509

Representative to College Benefits Committee:

Lisa Camma,  Development, X7345

Ann Marie McElwee, Undergraduate Deans' Office, X5378

Sarah Theobald, Provost's Office, X5509

Representative to College Budget Committee:

Jen Hawkes, Registrar's Office, X5140

3 new position needed (1 for term replacement and 2 new)

Representative to Diversity Committee:

Vicki Gerstenfeld, GSSWSR, X2611

Jennifer Hawkes, Registrar's Office, X5140

Ways and Means

Sally Allison, Emerita, Bookshop

Christine Boyland, Library & Information Technology Services, X7449

Dolores Burdo, Lilac/Career and Professional Development, X5174

Ann Ogle, Psychology and Education, X5010


Other Help
Help Desk, (for Computer help) X7440 or email at
Public Safety X7300
Facilities Services (to report physical plant problems) X7930