What is daily life at Bryn Mawr like? Follow these eight students through blogs, Twitter, and Instagram for a student's-eye-view.

Zubin Hill '17

"In brightest day, in blackest night…Beware my power—(Red) Lantern's light!" Yes, I am red class (and I have no idea why reciting the Green Lantern oath isn’t a thing). I’m a journalist for the Bi-College News (where others’ misfortunes are our pleasures). I’m also a proud Haffner worker and Renewal Christian Fellowship member. Seriously, my Haffner and Renewal families are the awesomest! As music runs in my veins, it is my hope that sophomore year will feature me performing in a big way. To my thinking, there are many changes and challenges on the road ahead and I look forward to all of them!
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Major: International Studies
Minor: French

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Kristie Oh '15

Born in Connecticut but raised in Seoul, South Korea, I am a senior Pre-Law History major & Political Science minor. At school, I'm the Public Relations Executive for the Korean Students Association as well as Amnesty Intl. Interested in Strategic Communications, I studied abroad during the Fall of my third year in Copenhagen, Denmark (& traveled all over Europe)! As an Alumni Regional Scholar, I interned in Seoul for ArirangTV post-second year, & was rewarded LILAC Summer funding for my Marketing and Communications internship with the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce this past summer. My #1 rule for this year is to enjoy my last year (eep!) at Bryn Mawr as much as I can before graduation!
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: History
Minor: Political Science

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Khadijah Seay '16

Greetings from the Midwest (#ClevelandPride)! I am a light blue loving, class of 2016-er interested in psychology, education, and child and family studies. I will be customs in Erdman as well as a member of Sisterhood. I love to dance, shop, and knit — but tweeting and Beyoncé have my heart. My life goal? To have a positive impact on someone’s life.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major: (Interested in) Psychology
Minors: (Interested in) Education, Child and Family Studies

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Meera Jayaraman '17

Bay Area Babe forever — I’m from the SF Bay Area and currently a Bryn Mawr sophomore interested in Psychology, English, and Gender Studies. This year I’m Customs in Rock, Honor Board member, SAW (South Asian Women) Publicist, and part of the Extreme Keys, an eclectic all-female acapella group on campus. I love old Bollywood films, interesting foods, fashion, and above all, music. I hope to pursue my dream of working for a worthwhile nonprofit overseas and truly making a difference.
Hometown: Fremont, CA

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Isha Pandya '16

Born and raised in New Jersey, I am now a sophomore here at Bryn Mawr College pursuing a pre-veterinary track. I love dancing, music, food, reading, and talking; which is why I love making videos! In addition to this video blog, I make educational videos on my YouTube channel and I am a part of Tri-Co Mayuri—a South Asian fusion dance team. I love learning about the world around me, both in and out of the classroom and I love sharing what I learn with others. In the future, I aspire to help rehabilitate endangered/threatened species of animals around the world by constructing communities in which both wild animals and humans can coexist in harmony.
Hometown: Belle Mead, NJ
Major: Biology
Minor: Spanish

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Fatema Sheikh '17

International student from Lahore, Pakistan, trying to make it big in a small world. I have found college to offer way too many things I want to do so fittingly, I'm still working on deciding my major(s). Interested in being the first Pakistani to write the Great American Novel, of course, with exclusive rights to the movie. I am currently treasurer for South Asian Women (SAW), an affinity club on campus and have been involved with 180 Degrees Consulting as well as Nimbus Literary Arts Magazine.
Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan
Major: Undeclared

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Marissa Mirecki '16

From a shoreline town in New England, I am a junior psychology at Bryn Mawr where I am a three-season athlete. I love to see the world around me from a street view not available on Google Maps while running with the Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field programs at Bryn Mawr. I have spent this past summer working in special education. I hope to work in occupational therapy in the future.
Hometown: East Lyme, Connecticut
Major: Psychology

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Jenn Thoman '15

I am a senior majoring in English. I hail originally from Bergen County, NJ, but I grew up in Upstate NY, and I've lived all over the Northeast. I'm a McBride Scholar, and I love talking about what that means with folks both inside and out of the immediate Bryn Mawr community. My love of McBrides and the college have pushed me to become the McBride Advocacy Co-Mistress, as well as a member of the Honor Board. In what little free time I have left, I work in the theatre (my first love) building sets and hanging lights, and I do a LOT of Bikram Yoga.

Hometown: Newburgh, NY
Major: English

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