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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad During the Academic Year


Q: Where is the study abroad office?

A: Study abroad is part of the Undergraduate Dean’s Office, which is located in Guild Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 9 am and 5 pm. 


Q: When do I need to submit my study abroad applications?

A: In general, you need to submit two applications: the Bryn Mawr study abroad application and the overseas program application.  For study abroad programs on Bryn Mawr’s approved list, students may begin to apply to one simultaneously as they are compiling their Bryn Mawr study abroad application materials.  Students are required to submit the Bryn Mawr College study abroad application to the dean’s office by the required deadline listed on the study abroad website.  Overseas programs have their own application deadline.  Please note that many overseas programs have rolling admissions, which means they review applications and accept students continually until spaces are filled.  Thus it is important that you do not wait until the overseas program deadline to submit your application.


Q: What is the minimum GPA for study abroad?

A: Bryn Mawr expects a study abroad applicant to have a GPA of 3.0. Students with a lower GPA should consult the Assistant Dean, Director of International Education


Q: After I submit my applications, how soon do I hear back?

A: The Study Abroad Committee, which consists of faculty members and staff in the Undergraduate Dean’s Office, reviews the Bryn Mawr study abroad applications.  Students are notified, generally, within four to six weeks after they have submitted their application.  Overseas programs typically notify applicants of their decisions within a month of receiving your completed information.


Q: Who is eligible to study abroad for the full year?

A: Only foreign language majors or students eligible to study with programs for which one semester is not an option may study abroad for the full academic year.  The Study Abroad Committee will consider requests for exceptions to this policy from students who present a compelling academic plan that requires a full year of study outside the United States.


Q: Can I apply for a program that includes multiple countries?

A: Bryn Mawr promotes full immersion and integration into the academic, social and cultural environment where the students are studying.  A program that includes multiple countries tends not facilitate this.  The Study Abroad Committee is very unlikely to approve your request.


Q: Does Bryn Mawr pay my overseas program tuition?  How about room and board expenses?

A: All students receiving academic credits for study abroad during the academic year are charged Bryn Mawr tuition. Bryn Mawr in turn pays the overseas programs for your tuition and academic-related fees.  You will pay room and board expenses directly to the overseas programs.