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Four-Year Plan for Study Abroad

First Year

  • Consider College Requirements: Approaches, Quantitative, Foreign Language, and Physical Education.
  • Mention your desire to study abroad to your dean, pre-health adviser (if applicable) and to any faculty you consult.
  • Reflect on how you have adjusted to Bryn Mawr. This may be a good indicator of how you might handle a program abroad.
  • Start to research study abroad programs on the Approved Programs List.
  • Apply for a passport if necessary.

Sophomore Year

  • Attend mandatory sophomore Study Abroad information sessions in the fall.
  • In the fall, and no later than Confirmation of Registration in January, meet with dean and major advisor(s) to discuss incorporating study abroad into your academic plans.
    • Complete your College-Wide Requirement Plans with your dean
    • Meet with your major advisor(s) to declare your major and any minors or concentrations and to complete your Major Work Plan in Bionic  
  • Consider the academic benefits and cultural experiences you hope to gain. Use these criteria to assess each program to decide which is best for you.
  • Consult with Study Abroad staff about the benefits of the desired program.
  • Consider the cost of living abroad, plan a budget, and consult with Student Financial Services about applicable financial awards.
  • Research scholarships for study abroad.
  • Submit the study abroad application by the given deadline.  (LSE/Oxford deadline: early December; all other approved programs: early February)
  • Make arrangements for your stay with the host program.
  • Apply for a visa if necessary.

Junior Year

  • Complete any remaining College Requirements, including Approaches, Quantitative, Foreign Language, and PE credits.
  • Take any mandatory junior seminars or electives needed to complete major(s) and minor(s)/concentration(s).
  • Consider how your studies in a program abroad might influence your thesis or other culminating senior work.
  • Enjoy being abroad! Be sure to stay in touch with Study Abroad staff, your dean and advisor(s). Should there be a problem, they can help you.
  • Contribute to the Study Abroad Blog

Senior Year

  • Complete any mandatory classes for graduation, including Senior Seminars and/or a thesis (if applicable).
  • Consult with Career and Professional Development (CPD) about incorporating study abroad into graduate school and career plans.
  • Consider Fulbright grant program (US citizens only) or Watson Fellowship for opportunities to live and study abroad after graduation.
  • Consider sharing your experiences abroad with a wider audience:
    • Attend the Delaware Valley Re-Entry Conference
    • Become a study abroad ambassador!  Attend events and share your experiences with prospective study abroad students.