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Application Procedure

The Bryn Mawr application is due in the Dean’s Office by the required deadline. All study abroad applications are carefully reviewed by the Foreign Studies Committee.  Usually applicants will receive written notification granting, denying, or giving conditions for permission to study abroad within 4-6 weeks of the application deadline.  For programs on the approved list a student may begin to apply to the programs simultaneously as they are compiling their Bryn Mawr study abroad application materials.  If they want to apply to a program that is not on the list, they must obtain prior approval of their plans from the Foreign Studies Committee.  This process requires significant additional planning.

Bryn Mawr Study Abroad Application Procedure
The Bryn Mawr study abroad application which is available online includes:

Biographical Information
A student’s biographical information is required for a complete application. Your signature on the biographical section of the application certifies that the information you have provided including parent/guardian contact information is correct and up to date in virtual Bryn Mawr.

Program Selection/Duration of Study
Students who are eligible to study abroad normally will do so for one semester in the fall of the junior year.  Students who hope to study abroad for the spring semester or for a full year must meet certain criteria (see below).

*Criteria for spring study abroad: Students who are eligible to study abroad for a single semester will be expected to do so in the fall, unless otherwise exempt.  Students should plan their academic schedules with that expectation in mind. A limited number of spring spaces will be available for students whose academic or athletic commitments require their presence on campus in the fall. If you are requesting to study abroad spring semester, please submit the “Request to Study abroad spring semester form” with your application. 

The Committee will consider allowing a student to study abroad in the spring if:

  • The major program requires that the student be in residence at Bryn Mawr in the fall but not in the spring;
  • The student would not be able to take required courses following the study abroad semester in the appropriate sequence without being in residence in the fall semester;
  • The student will not meet the prerequisites for the study abroad program until the spring semester, or
  • The student has been a member of a fall varsity athletic team during their first year and sophomore year and wants to remain on campus to compete in their junior year as well.  Other academic, non-academic, extra-curricular, or personal reasons will also be taken into consideration but will be given lower priority.

**Criteria for full year study abroad: Only foreign language majors or students eligible to study with programs for which one semester is not an option may study abroad for the full academic year.  The Foreign Studies Committee will consider requests for exceptions to this policy from students who present a compelling academic plan that requires a full year of study outside the United States.]

Student certification
Your signature Program selection section indicates that you have discussed your study abroad plans with your Dean and your Major/Minor Advisor.  You also certify that you are on track to complete college-wide degree requirements, including physical education and the swim test.  In addition, your signature authorizes the Dean’s Office to release information from your records which are relevant to your study abroad application.

Study Abroad Reflection Questions
The study abroad reflection questions are an opportunity to personalize your BMC study abroad application. For each question, you should limit your response to 100 words and attach your response to your application.

1.    What initially inspired you to study abroad, and why are you interested in studying abroad in the particular country/region or the particular programs you have chosen?

2.     How have you prepared for study abroad academically, socially and personally?

3.     Bryn Mawr classes tend to be fairly small, and students have relatively easy access to faculty members and to other academic supports and resources.  In contrast, overseas universities often have very large classes; faculty often are not readily available; supports may be difficult to access.  What have you done or are you doing to prepare yourself to meet the new academic challenges you may encounter in such an environment?

4.     When Bryn Mawr students do encounter difficulties, they are sometimes entitled to special arrangements such as withdrawing from a course or extensions beyond the end of the semester.  Have you required such arrangements in the past? If so, please tell us in which class(es), and briefly explain the circumstances.  Do you expect to face any similar circumstances during your period of study abroad? If so, what are your plans for handling those challenges? If not, what has changed?

5.     What impact do you want your study abroad program to have on your academic and professional goals?

6.     The Bryn Mawr College Foreign Studies Committee expects applicants to maintain semester grade point averages, cumulative grade point averages, and major grade point averages of at least 3.0.  If your major or cumulative gpa is currently below 3.0, or if your grade point average for the fall semester of your sophomore year was below 3.0, the committee would find it helpful to hear your reasons for believing that an exception to the usual policy is warranted.

For students who cannot study abroad in the fall semester

7.     If you can only study abroad in the spring semester of your junior year, please present your reasons for the committee’s consideration.  The Foreign Studies Committee will carefully consider the compelling nature of your reasons, along with your academic record, in determining whether to grant your request to study abroad in the spring semester.

Major Work Plan and Degree Completion Plan
All students must complete a Major Work Plan with their major adviser and also meet with their dean to review and receive approval for their Degree Completion Plan.  Once both documents have been approved by your major adviser and dean, the documents will be uploaded into your student profile in virtual Bryn Mawr.  Print a copy of your approved Major Work Plan and Degree Completion Plan and submit them with your study abroad application.

You can generate and submit an unofficial transcript using Bionic.

Foreign Language Certification
If you are applying to a program in which the primary language of instruction is not English, you need to go to the language department and ask the Major Advisor certify your proficiency in the language.   Most non-English speaking programs expect students to complete at least intermediate language courses before matriculation, and some require more advanced preparation.  Even after a student has met Bryn Mawr’s foreign language requirement through course work, proficiency testing or advance placement credit, they should continue building their foreign language skills in upper-level courses.

Major/Minor Advisor Evaluation:
You must discuss your study abroad plans in detail with your major advisor, and your major advisor must complete Section 2 of the evaluation form.

Confirming Your Study Abroad Approval
If you are approved to study abroad, you will be notified in writing. Please submit the acceptance form to the Dean’s Office within seven days of receiving your approval notice.

The Foreign Studies Committee reserves the right to withdraw the approval of a student who fails to return the Study Abroad Confirmation Form within the required seven days.