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Application Procedure

Overview of Application

To apply for study abroad, you must complete the following items by the required deadline:

  1. Online Study Abroad Application Form (located in your Student Center in BiONiC)

  2. College-Wide Requirements Plan (approved by your dean)

  3. Major Work Plan (approved by your major adviser)

  4. Major Adviser Evaluation Form (to be completed by your major adviser; located at the bottom of your Major Work Plan)

All study abroad applications are carefully reviewed by the Study Abroad Committee.  Please note that there is an earlier deadline for Oxford, LSE, IFSA-Butler UCL, Indiana University - Bologna, SIT-IHP Health and Community, and SIT-IHP Cities in the 21st Century. 

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For students planning to study abroad at Oxford, LSE, IFSA-Butler UCL, Indiana University - Bologna, IHP-Cities in the 21st Century, or IHP-Health and Community:

  • Study Abroad Application deadline – Friday, December 4, 2015 at 5:00 pm

For students planning study abroad at any of the other approved study abroad programs:

  • Study Abroad Application deadline – Friday, February 5, 2016 at 5:00 pm

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Study Abroad Application Form Instructions

The Study Abroad Application can be found in the Sophomore Plan section of your BiONiC Student Center.
Screen shot of Sophomore Plan in Bionic
1.  Enter Biographical Information
The application will prepopulate some of the fields with basic information from your student records.  Below your name you have the option of indicating your preferred name.  You are required to provide the following:

  • Your intended major
  • Your attendance at one of the mandatory Study Abroad Information Sessions
  • Whether or not you receive grants (e.g. Bryn Mawr, International, Posse, Trustee/Merit)
  • Your parent/guardian information including name, email and phone number with international code (if applicable). 

2.  Select Semester
Students who are eligible to study abroad normally will do so for one semester in the fall of the junior year.  Students who hope to study abroad for the spring semester* or for a full year** must meet certain criteria (see details below).

Screen shot of semester selection section of study abroad application form
*Criteria for Spring Study Abroad - Students who are eligible to study abroad for a single semester will be expected to do so in the fall, unless otherwise exempt.  Students should plan their academic schedules with that expectation in mind. A limited number of spring spaces will be available for students whose academic or athletic commitments require their presence on campus in the fall.  If you are requesting to study abroad in the spring semester, please indicate the reason you are unable to study abroad in the fall semester. 

The Study Abroad Committee will consider allowing a student to study abroad in the spring if:

  • The student's GPA is currently below but approaching 3.0 and the student hopes to use the spring semester of the sophomore year to raise their GPA;

  • The major program requires that the student be in residence at Bryn Mawr in the fall but not in the spring;

  • The student would not be able to take required courses following the study abroad semester in the appropriate sequence without being in residence in the fall semester;
  • The student will not meet the prerequisites for the study abroad program until the spring semester, or
  • The student has been a member of a fall varsity athletic team during the student's freshmen and sophomore years and wants to remain on campus to compete in the student's junior year as well.
  • Other academic, non-academic, extra-curricular, or personal reasons will also be taken into consideration but will be given lower priority.

**Criteria for full year study abroad: Only foreign language majors or students who are eligible to study with programs for which one semester study is not an option may study abroad for the full academic year.  The Study Abroad Committee will consider requests for exceptions to this policy from students who present a compelling academic plan that requires a full year of study outside the United States.


3.  Choose Study Abroad Programs
Students must choose two study abroad programs from the Approved Study Abroad Program List in their order of preference. 

Researching Programs:  It is highly encouraged that you research your study abroad program options before completing your study abroad application.  Consider consulting these resources to learn more about the approved study abroad programs:

First Choice Programs:  Please note that the following programs can only be selected as a first choice program:

  • APA Paris
  • CUPA Paris
  • DIS Copenhagen
  • HafenCity University (Exchange Program)*
  • IFSA-Butler, University College London (UCL)
  • Indiana University Bologna Consortial Studies*
  • London School of Economics (LSE)*
  • Keio University – Keio International Program  (Exchange Program)*
  • Keio University – Japanese Language Program  (Exchange Program)*
  • Nanyang Technological University  (Exchange Program)*
  • Oxford College-Pembroke*
  • Oxford-St. Anne’s*
  • Oxford-St. Edmund*
  • SciencesPo  (Exchange Program)*
  • Tsuda College  (Exchange Program)*
  • Spelman College  (Exchange Program)*
  • SIT-IHP Cities in 21st Century
  • SIT-IHP Health and Community

* If you are submitting an application to any of the programs above indicated with an asterisk, you are accepting a place on the exchange/program and making a commitment to attend, provided that you are approved by Bryn Mawr and accepted by the host university.  You must apply to another approved institution as a second choice, but with the understanding that you must withdraw any such applications if admitted by the exchange institution, Oxford University or LSE. If you have questions or concerns about your ability to accept a place on any of these programs, please consult with Dean Cann before you submit your application.

4.  College-Wide Requirements
You must indicate your trajectory to complete the College-Wide Requirements.

College-Wide Requirements section of Study Abroad application form

5.  Answer Study Abroad Reflection Questions
The study abroad reflection questions are an opportunity for you to personalize your BMC study abroad application. For each question, please limit your response to 100 words.  It is recommended that you type your responses in a Word document and copy and paste them into the study abroad application.

1. Why are you interested in studying abroad in the particular country/region or the particular programs you've chosen? (Limit: 100 words)                

2. Institutions abroad will be different from Bryn Mawr in terms of access to faculty, support services and resources. What difficulties do you foresee potentially encountering while studying in an environment that’s different from Bryn Mawr? (Limit: 100 words)

3. What have you done or are you doing to prepare yourself to meet the challenges you may encounter in such an environment? (Limit: 100 words)

4. What impact do you want your study abroad program to have on your academic and professional goals? (Limit: 100 words)

For students who are applying to Oxford or LSE (one-page double-spaced essay):

5. 1) What are your reasons for choosing Oxford or LSE and the courses you wish to take?  2) In what ways does your study at Oxford or LSE align with your Bryn Mawr education?  3) How will your studies at Oxford and LSE complement your academic interests?

6.  Authorize Your Application
Before you submit your application form you must authorize your application by checking the “Student Authorization” box.   By checking this box you are acknowledging that you have discussed your study abroad plans with your dean and major adviser.  You are also certifying that you are on track to complete college-wide degree requirements, including physical education and the swim test.  In addition, you are authorizing the Dean’s Office to release information from your records that are relevant to your study abroad application (e.g., unofficial transcript).

Screen shot of study authorization section of study abroad application

7.  Submit Your Application Form
When the application form is ready to be submitted, click the “Submit Final Application” button. Please note that once your application form is submitted it cannot be modified.  Once you’ve successfully submitted your form a confirmation message will appear (see image below). 
Confirmation Message - Study Abroad application form
Saving Your Application Form – You can save your application form and come back to complete it later by clicking the "Save Application" button at the very bottom of the page.

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Major Adviser Evaluation Form Instructions

You must request approval from your major adviser to study abroad by asking them to submit a Study Abroad Major Adviser Evaluation Form by the appropriate deadline.  This form is located in the Study Abroad box at the bottom of your Major Work Plan.
Study Abroad section of Major Work Plan
To request that your major adviser complete this form, please do the following:

1.  Schedule a time to meet with your major adviser to discuss your study abroad plans. 

2.  During this meeting, be sure to provide your major adviser with the following information that he/she will need to complete the evaluation form:

    • The semester you plan to study abroad
    • The two study abroad programs you've selected
    • The deadline by which he/she must complete the form

Double Majors:  If you are a double major, you only need to ask the adviser listed for Major 1 in your Major Work Plan to complete the form.  It is your responsibility to inform the adviser for your second major of your study abroad plans.

Once this form has been submitted by your major adviser, the status message will change to "Status: Evaluation form has been submitted." 

Study Abroad section of Major Work Plan - Evaluation submitted

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Major Work Plan & College-Wide Requirements Plan

You must discuss your study abroad plans with your major adviser(s) and dean.  In order to apply to study abroad, you must complete your College-Wide Requirements Plan and have it approved by your dean, as well as complete your Major Work Plan and have it approved by your major adviser.

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Application Review Timeline

Students who apply for fall semester or full year study abroad can expect to hear from the Committee about their approval status in mid-March. Students who apply for spring semester study abroad can expect to hear back from the Committee in early to mid-April.

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