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Before You Leave Bryn Mawr College

After you are approved by Bryn Mawr and accepted by the overseas program you should take the following steps:

  • Attend a mandatory pre-departure meeting
  • Complete the study abroad Notice of Departure form at the Dean’s Office.


Pre-Departure Orientation
All study abroad students are required to attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation at Bryn Mawr.  Students will be notified by email when and where the orientation will be held.  An information packet which covers a wide range of topics will be provided at the meeting. 


Notice of Departure
You should fill out the study abroad Notice of Departure at the Dean’s Office after you confirm your participation in study abroad.  You should pick up a copy of What to Do When You Leave Residence from the Dean’s Office or from the Student Life Office and read it carefully.


The College Post Office will block off the mailboxes of students studying abroad so that they will not receive any junk mail.  Your “real” mail from outside will be forwarded to your U.S. forwarding addresses listed in the Campus Directory.


Your Bryn Mawr email account will remain active while you are abroad.  Before you leave campus, we encourage you to change your password and unsubscribe from listserv. While abroad, check it regularly, since we will rely on it to correspond with you.  If you choose to forward your Bryn Mawr email to another personal account, remember to check the Bryn Mawr account occasionally in case an important email was filtered out and not forwarded to you.  Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) provides detailed instructions on how to unsubscribe from campus Listserv:


Bryn Mawr Housing
If you expect to study abroad in the fall, do not participate in Room Draw. If you participate in Room Draw and do not occupy the room during the fall semester you will be charged a $100 fee for canceling the room before June 15. A $500 cancellation fee will be incurred for cancellations after June 15.

If you will be abroad for the fall semester and need a room for the spring, fill out a Housing Preference Form ranking the dorms in order of preference. The form is available on-line at and must be received by the Residential Life Office before December 1. Housing assignments will be confirmed via Bryn Mawr e-mail accounts approximately one week before the beginning of the second semester in January.

If you will be abroad for the academic year or for the spring semester, ask a friend to act as your proxy in the Room Draw. The proxy will not be allowed to choose a room if there is a balance on your Bryn Mar account. If the proxy arrangement falls through, ask the Director of Residential Life to assign you a room. Please remember that Residence Council will not automatically grant a room change if a student is unhappy with the room drawn by their proxy or assigned to them.


Unless you are an international student or live on the west coast, you will not be able to store any items at the college while studying abroad.