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Theresa Cann
Assistant Dean, Director of International Education
Phone: 610-526-5375 Undergraduate Dean's Office
Eugenia Chase Guild Hall, Lower Level

Direct Admissions

Bryn Mawr has direct admissions agreements with the following overseas programs/institutions.  Please make an appointment to see the Director of International Education if you are interested in applying to any of these institutions.

  • Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis in Prague, Czech Republic
  • DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Oxford University in Oxford, England
  • London School of Economics and Political Science in London, England
  • Swarthmore College/African Studies Consortium University of Ghana in Legon, Ghana
  • Bryn Mawr College/African Studies Consortium University of Nairobi in Nairobi, Kenya (Exchange Program)
  • Science Po in Paris, France (Exchange Program)
  • IES in Berlin or Freiburg, Germany
  • Keio University in Tokyo, Japan (Exchange Program)
  • Tsuda College in Tokyo, Japan (Exchange Program)
  • University of Pennsylvania/African Studies Consortium University of Gaston Berger in St. Louis, Senegal
  • University of Cape Town, South Africa