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Financial Planning for Study Abroad

Financial Policy for Study Abroad

Financial Aid
Deciding to study abroad involves many academic, personal, and financial considerations. Early in the process, the student and their family need information about study abroad costs, how the costs are billed and, for financial aid recipients, which costs can be covered by financial aid funds.

Financial aid for study abroad is available for students who are eligible for assistance and have been receiving financial aid during their freshman and sophomore years.  If the study abroad budget is not able to support all of those on aid who plan to study abroad, priority will be given to those for whom it is most appropriate academically and to those who have had the least international experience.

The College follows the federal guidelines for financial aid.  A student must fill out the required standard financial aid forms and indicate on the Bryn Mawr College Application for Study Abroad that they are requesting financial aid.  Only students approved to study abroad by the Study Abroad Committee are eligible to be considered for financial aid from the College.  

All students going abroad are charged Bryn Mawr College tuition regardless of the tuition charged by the overseas program.  The student will receive a bill from Bryn Mawr College for the tuition.  Bryn Mawr College will pay the tuition for the abroad program on the student’s behalf. If a student is required to pay an enrollment deposit to their abroad program, Bryn Mawr College will refund the deposit as a credit on the Bryn Mawr College bill.

Room and Board
Students pay room and board directly to their overseas program.  Bryn Mawr will cover up to Bryn Mawr’s room & board cost $7,175 in their award package. If the room & board abroad is greater than Bryn Mawr’s cost, the student is responsible in finding some alternative source to cover the cost.

The cost of living varies greatly in different locations around the world as does the value of American currency.  Programs in major European cities such as Paris, London, and Florence as well as Tokyo have become very expensive.  Students should anticipate additional out of pocket expenses for transportation, meals, shopping and excursions

Financial Aid Recipients
Financial aid recipients need to evaluate their ability to pursue junior year or semester abroad study. Bryn Mawr does not cover transportation to and from study abroad nor travel while there, although the financial aid package does include some money for miscellaneous expenses.

Costs Used to Determine Eligibility for Aid from the College for Students Studying Abroad:  

Bryn Mawr Tuition 2014-2015 $22,235
Study Abroad Room and Board Charges varies by program up to Bryn Mawr maximum*
Book Allowance                   $500
Personal Allowance $500
Local Transportation Allowance varies by home state from $40 to $450
Travel While Abroad        NOT COVERED

* For 2014-2015 the Bryn Mawr College room and board charge is $7,175. When room and board fees charged by a program are less than Bryn Mawr's room and board charges, a financial aid recipient should expect their grant aid to be reduced.  When room and board fees charged by a program are more than Bryn Mawr’s room and board, a financial aid student will only be awarded up to the maximum amount for room and board charged at Bryn Mawr. 

Federal Work Study
Funds are not available for students who study abroad. However if a financial aid student who qualified for Federal Work Study has eligibility under the Federal guidelines, Student Financial Services will award Perkins Loan in its place.

When Financial Aid is Credited/Refunds
If the amount of a student's financial aid is greater than the charges on their Bryn Mawr College tuition bill, they will have a credit on their Bryn Mawr student account once all the aid is posted to their account. The credit amount will be refunded to the student by direct deposit or mailed to the student’s home address.  The student should use this credit to pay room and board and other expenses.  However, refunds should not be expected prior to the beginning of the normal Fall/Spring semester at the College because Federal Funds (e.g. Stafford Loans, Plus Loans, Perkins Loan, Pell Grants and, SEOG Grants) cannot be disbursed until the first day of classes at Bryn Mawr.

Expenses not Covered by the Standard Financial Aid Award
Students who are concerned about how to pay expenses not covered by the standard financial aid award should make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor as early as possible in the application process to discuss alternative borrowing from federal or private loans before making a final decision. 

Refunds are calculated based on the regular College refund schedule for on-campus students. If students need an advance on their refund, they can apply for a Scharr Loan in Student Financial Services.

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships
If a student receives a scholarship from a study abroad program, it will be credited to the student’s Bryn Mawr College student account and reduce the amount of tuition the student needs to pay.  Any outside scholarship received by a financial aid recipient will reduce a portion of their Bryn Mawr College Grant or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG).

Please reference the section regarding outside scholarships, and related College policy on the treatment of outside scholarship on the Student Financial Service Handbook, available on the web.

Study Abroad and Student Account Balances
Students who have an outstanding charge on their student account will be expected to pay their bill in full before leaving for their study abroad program. Student Financial Services will communicate directly with the students about the remaining balance and they will be advised of a final deadline to make payments to the College.

Costs the Student Must Cover
The following fees are considered personal expenses and students and their families are responsible for paying them:

  • Passport application fee
  • Overseas program/institution application fee
  • Visa application fee
  • Medical check-up and immunization
  • Health insurance
  • Transportation
  • Books

If students withdraw from their program after the College has paid their tuition and fees, the College will make every effort to recover those funds. If the College is unable to get a full refund of the funds, the students are then responsible for repaying the College in full.

  •  Refund policies vary from one study abroad program to the next. Written notice of intention to withdraw must be submitted to the Director of International Education and the student’s Dean by the required deadline.
  • Students who withdraw from a program after being accepted may incur penalties including, but not limited to: application fee, confirmation deposit, and funds that have been committed for their participation, as well as non-refundable costs such as airfare and visa application fees.

Paying Bryn Mawr College for Any Unrecovered Funds
If the program will not provide a refund, then the student will be responsible for paying Bryn Mawr College any funds that the college is unable to recover.

We hope this information is helpful. The Deans Office and the Office of Student Financial Services are willing to discuss with you any questions or concerns.

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