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Assistant Dean, Director of International Education
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General Information

International Student Identity Card
Students should obtain the International Student Identity Card if it is not provided by their programs.  The card offers many benefits, including significant discounts on airfares, access to commission-free currency exchange, 24-hour Help Line emergency service, and basic sickness and accident travel insurance.  It may be obtained on-line at

Travel Arrangements
Once you know when you are expected abroad, you should book your airfare right away as the cheap seats tend to fill up.  In the past, students have utilized web sites such as Student Universe at  

Civic Matters
You should take care of civil and legal matters, including arranging absentee voting, completing income taxes, and purchasing property insurance before departure, and appointing Power of Attorney, who will take care of your official or legal documents during your absence. 

Money Matters
Credit card such as a Visa, MasterCard and American Express are honored overseas.  Credit cards make transactions easy and are invaluable in a financial emergency.  However, many American credit cards charge a transaction fee for overseas purchases. How much money you bring will depend on your budget, destination and personal spending habits. 

  • Estimate the amount of money you will need while studying abroad and stick to it.
  • Learn the value of the local currency (i.e., in relation to the U.S. $), and stay alert for special student rates and discounts. 
  • A combination of local currency and an ATM card/credit card is recommended.  
  • Have ready smaller denominations of local currency for buses, taxis, phone calls, tips and other miscellaneous expenses upon arrival.
  • American bank accounts can be accessed with the ATM cards in most countries around the world through the PLUS or CIRRUS network.  The bank will convert the currency and charge a service fee.  Be sure to check that there are sufficient funds in the account and that the PIN is valid. 
  • You should take only one credit card as the loss or theft of a card can be an inconvenience, especially while traveling. 
  • Check with the credit card company regarding credit limit and the number to call in case the card is lost or stolen.