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Participating in Campus Activities at Bryn Mawr

Re-entry into the United States can be both challenging and as frustrating as living and studying in another culture.  As a returning study abroad student, you and your family might expect everything to go smoothly as you are “going (coming) home”.  In fact, re-entry is a process and you should take time to relax and to reflect on what is going on around you and how you are reacting to it.  Although most study abroad students report strong positive feelings of what they have accomplished overseas, it is common to develop complex feelings and attitudes from seeing people, places, and behaviors from a different perspective.  You should give yourself permission to ease into the transition, understanding that like its antecedent, reverse culture shock is normal and seldom long-lasting.  If possible, have some down time at home before classes begin at Bryn Mawr.

If you want to participate in activities that are organized the previous semester, such as serving as a Hall Advisor, you can apply from abroad, although it might be easier to line up recommendations in advance.  Similarly, if you want to apply for an internship or summer job when you return, you should plan ahead.  You can access the Career Development resources at its website