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ARS Application

Your ARS application must include the following:

(1)   Alumnae Regional Scholars Application Form

Application Resources:

                         Sample Personal Statement 1

                         Sample Personal Statement 2

                         Tips for Writing a Successful Personal Statement

                         Sample Resumes

(2)   Recommendation from ONE member of TriCo faculty or staff

**Send the above link to your recommender at least 3 WEEKS before the application deadline. Provide your recommender information about your application (draft of your internship proposal, personal statement and/or resume)**

(3)    Employer Verification Form - in cases where the internship is already secured at time of application.

This is not required at the time of application, but it is required in order to receive funding. If the organization does not have internet access, print out the form and arrange to have it completed and returned by fax or mail.


Application Deadline:   Sunday, February 1, 2015, 11:59pm