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Final Report


Final Reporting requirements are set by each funding program.


For LILAC Summer Internship Funding, final reporting is comprised of several parts:

  1. 2-3 page written report (to be uploaded). (You may also upload photographs in your evaluation.)
  2. a color Poster for the fall Summer Funding Fair (to be uploaded). See details below.
  3. Your feedback about the summer funding program.

UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR STUDENT EVALUATION, YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FINAL PAYMENT OF $200 (MINUS TAXES & FICA). (Supervisor Evaluations are not required for your final payment.)


Fall Summer Funding Fair

Each fall, the College organizes a Summer Funding Fair.

The date for the 2014 Summer Funding Fair is TBD.

The Fair is organized as a poster session and is an opportunity for students to share their summer experiences with the campus community. Students will be asked to sign up for 30 min. shifts to attend the Fair and answer questions about their summer placement. In preparation, please provide a color poster describing your internship. The Summer Funding Office will print the poster for display.

The color poster should be 8.5 x 14 (LEGAL size) and should include the following (please use a readable large font size!):
a. your name and class year,
b. the source of your College funding,
c. the name of organization or agency you worked with,
d. the name of a contact person and their contact information,
e. a brief description of the mission of the organization,
e. the location of the organization,
f. an eye-catching photo of you at your internship site, along with other photos illustrating your internship,
g. a bulleted list of your major duties and responsibilities


Sample Posters may be found on the Awards Archive page.