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Prior HHG Fellows


Summer 2013

Click here for a list of Fellows and their projects


Summer 2012

Click here for a list of Fellows and their projects


Summer 2011

Allyson Bunch ’12, Classical Languages / Linguistics

Nina Cohen ’12, Philosophy/French

Leah Humphrey ’12, Egyptian & Classical Languages & Literature (Ind. Major)

Rachel Kesselman ’12, French/English

Gloria Kuoh ’12, Political Science

Alexandra Martin-Seaver ’13, Comparative Literature

Miverva Pinto ’12, History

Noara Razzak ’12, Comparative Literature

Rachel Roepke ’12, English

Molly Seavy-Nesper, Growth & Structure of Cities

Kate Severance ’12, English/Creative Writing

Michelle Smiley ’12, History of Art

Lauren Smith ’12, History

Cynthia Spalding ’12, Growth & Structure of Cities

Isabelle Warren-Mohr ‘12, Growth & Structure of Cities


Summer 2010

Jennifer Cook ’11 (Greek, Latin and Classical Studies)

Louisa Foroughi ’11 (Greek, Latin and Classical Studies)

Annalee Garrity ‘11 (Greek, Latin and Classical Studies)

Alex Kaplan ’11 (Growth and Structure of Cities)

Clare Mullaney ’11 (English)

Samantha Pious ’11 (English)

Jen Rajchel ‘11 (English)

Raquel Richter ’11 (Growth and Structure of Cities)

Ariel Rosenstock ’11 (Growth and Structure of Cities)            

Lauren Russell ’11 (Growth and Structure of Cities)

Aki Snyder ’11 (History)

Maggie Stack ’11 (History)

Sarah Watson ’11 (Growth and Structure of Cities & French)

Lizz Wills ’11 (East Asian Studies)        

Mary Zaborskis ’12 (English & Psychology)