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Information for Funding Administrators


Below is information regarding processing summer funding payments:

Internship Funding

  *  for Summer Funding Release, please contact Isabelle Barker

Summer Fellowships

  *  for Summer Funding Release, please contact Isabelle Barker



Internship Funding

An internship is a prearranged highly-structured learning experience that takes place within a specific time frame. Interns receive practical experience under a professional's supervision.  An internship is characterized by its instructional or tutorial nature. All interns perform work directly under a supervisor who encourages the intern to analyze and reflect on the work and to use the internship to help accomplish his/her academic and professional goals.

During the 8 to 10 week internship, interns are expected to spend a significant portion of each week engaged in their supervised program.  Other paid work during an internship is discouraged.



A fellowship is an award to aid a student in carrying out his/her own project with a faculty member or other professional as his/her advisor. Fellowships are offered to support research that is independently conceived and designed by an undergraduate or graduate student at an advanced academic level who works with a professional and makes use of an institution's facilities and other resources. 

Although the fellow must have an advisor for guidance, assistance, and consultation, fellowships are awarded for the independent research and primary educational benefit of the fellowship recipient, not for the benefit of the advisor's research progress.  The fellowship is also based on the merit of the fellow's scholarly research.