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To be considered, a student (or group of students) must prepare the following:

(In the case of a group application, only one representative need complete this on-line application. However, all participants MUST submit a Resume and a one-page Personal Statement via the on-line application, and have TWO letters of recommendation written on their behalf.)


(1) Davis Projects for Peace On-Line Application

The application includes a Project Proposal describing the project (who, what, where, how), including goals and prospects for future impact (not to exceed two pages) as well as a budget* (one separate page). The project description should include a general timeline. All applicants must also submit a Resume and a brief Personal Statement. These should be submitted through the on-line application form (see link above).

* Instructions for Creating a Budget:

Please consult the Davis Projects for Peace "Instructions for Use of Budget Template." While this is designed for Fellowship recipients, it is a useful guide for planning a project budget. Figures need not be exact at the time of application, but should be researched and realistic.


(2) Recommendations

TWO on-line Recommendations must be submitted for each participant with at least one from a Tri-Co faculty member. The second Recommendation may be from a faculty member from another institution or another person who can speak to your ability to carry out the project.

Send the above link to your recommenders at least 3 WEEKS before the application deadline. You must also provide your recommender information about your application (draft of your project proposal, personal statement and/or resume).


(3) Pre-approval

All involved parties and organizations must complete the on-line Pre-Approval form.


(4) Interviews

Competitive applicants will be invited to interview with the Bryn Mawr College Selection Committee in early February. Accommodations will be made for students studying off-campus.


(5)  Selection

The Bryn Mawr Davis Projects for Peace Selection Committee selects one project for the fellowship and one alternate and provides the applications to the national office.  The national office reviews the applications and confirms the award in mid-March. The national office also selects several additional projects to fund from among alternates submitted from all schools.


Questions? Contact Jennifer Prudencio (LILAC/CPD).