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Application ~ LILAC Summer Internship Funding

(Formerly known as Dean's Office Funding)

For Students: Please consult Eligibility and Selection Criteria FAQ and Tips for Applying prior to completing your application. For questions regarding how to secure a summer internship and how to identify an appropriate source of College funding, please email or schedule an appointment with a career counselor online through LanternLink.

For Faculty and Staff:  For questions regarding how to submit a letter of recommendation or how to process summer internship funding payments, please contact Jennifer Prudencio (

Your application for summer funding must include the following:

(1)   LILAC Summer Internship Funding Application Form

This application is composed of the following sections:

  • Contact Information
  • Academic Information
  • Recommendation - name and email of one TriCo faculty or staff member serving as your recommender
  • Limited Eligibility Funding Sources – a checklist of additional funding sources for which you would like to be considered
  • Funding Application List – a checklist of all the BMC summer funding sources to which you will apply this year
  • Internship Description – information about the internship you have secured (organization name, location, start/end dates,hours per week, etc.)
  • Application Documents (to be uploaded):
    • A one-page resume that clearly outlines your education and experience.
    • An internship proposal (up to 700 words). Please describe in detail: a) the organization's description and mission; b) your responsibilities and projects as an intern; c) the supervision you will receive; and, d) what contributions you hope to make to the organization as an intern.
    • A personal statement (up to 700 words). Discuss in detail: a) your preparation for the proposed internship; b) what you hope to learn from the experience; and, c) how the experience will enhance to your academic, personal, and professional goals.
    • A letter of commitment from the organization sponsoring your internship. If this is not available at the time of your initial application, please submit your most recent correspondence with the organization.

Please familiarize yourself with the application before you begin to complete it.  The application must be completed in one sitting. You may not save your entries and return.

(2)  ONE Recommendation from a TriCo faculty or staff

  • Send the LILAC Recommendation Form to your recommender at least 3 WEEKS before the application deadline. You must also provide your recommender information about your application (draft of your internship proposal, personal statement and/or resume).
  • ARS applicants may request to use the same recommendation. In this case, add a note about this in your personal statement.


(3)   Employer Verification Form. In cases where the organization does not have access to the internet, please contact to make alternate arrangements.