A short Q&A with Director Charlotte Ford

            Photo © Jacques-Jean Tiziou /

Q: What's the appeal for you, as a director, in creating a collaborative piece? How does the communal experience change the shape of the show?

A: Creating a collaborative theatre piece makes each actor an author, and means that their role is tailor made for them.  Collaborating is delicate; too much democracy can create an unfocused mush.  At its best however, collaborative theatre creates a vibrant and timely work of art that is completely unique to its creator/performers.

Q: You've mentioned an undercurrent of repressed desire in your description of "Bang!" - is culture an influence on our wants? How does this play, as a piece of culture, avoid this?

A: Culture definitely influences what we desire, most obviously through advertising, but perhaps more interestingly through what foods we think of as appetizing or how standards of beauty vary from culture to culture.  The play cannot avoid this.

Q: Is this a show pertinent to the concerns of a women's college? Do you discuss gender in your show at all?

A: Oh sure.  I always discuss gender--gender as performance, nature vs. nurture, all that good stuff.   As for the show itself -- those themes are in our dramaturgical soup; I'm sure they'll show up somehow in the final draft.