Past Productions

Spring 2015 Theater Production

Crossing Bryn Mawr Poster

Crossing Bryn Mawr
Directed by Adrienne Mackey
Friday-Sunday, Thursday-Saturday, April 10-12, 16-18
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

In Crossing Bryn Mawr the audience is invited to imagine the experience of a single student from orientation to graduation transformed into a fairy tale fable. Using the inspiration of the hero’s journey in which a protagonist sets out on a fantastic adventure to overcome a series of obstacles in order to bring back a treasure to their homeland, this story follows the course of a young woman as she sets out in search of knowledge she believes will unlock the future and eventually returns four years as a richer, wiser, and changed person.

Love and Information Poster

Caryl Churchill's Love and Information
Directed by Catharine Slusar
November 2014

Photo of The Serpent Woman Cast

The Serpent Woman
Directed by Aaron Cromie
April 2014
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

Photo from Antigone

Directed by Catharine Slusar
November 2013

Photo from A Play of Hours

A Play of Hours
Directed by Mark Lord
April 2013

Photo from Nina Variations

The Nina Variations
Directed by Catharine Slusar
November 2012

Workshop with Performance Artist Tim Miller
April 2012

woman with monkey and a cigarette
April 2012

Listen to Me
November 2011

Stop Kiss
Spring 2011 Student Theater Festival
April 2011


Alice Underground
November 2011

Alice Underground

Spring 2010 Student Theater Festival
April 2010

Artists Cafe

April 2010

Offending the Audience
November 2009

Faith, Hope, and Charity
November 2008

Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights
November 2007

Bryn Mawr at the Fringe Festival
September 2007

Midsummer Night's Dream
November 2006