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ParticularRiskHeaderImageSpring 2017 Theater Production
Particular Risk
Directed by Sam Tower
Friday–Sunday, Thursday–Saturday
April 7-9, 13-15, 7:30 PM

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Past Productions and Events

Eurydice Poster Image
Directed by Catharine Slusar
Fall 2016
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

King Lear Poster Image

Shakespeare's King Lear
Directed by Mark Lord
Spring 2016
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

360°: Shakespeare in Global and Local Landscapes

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In Spring 2016, two classes in the Theater Program created a "course cluster" in Bryn Mawr College's unique 360° Program.

Advanced Performance Ensemble taught by Professor and Theater Program Director Mark Lord and Acting Across Cultures taught by Assistant Professor Catharine Slusar used the text of King Lear to "approach Shakespeare as both a way of responding creatively to the contemporary world and as a way to create community and a context for learning."

The semester-long, interdisciplinary experience took our students into Philadelphia once a week to work (and play!) with a group of eighth-grade students at the E.M Stanton School, and on a international trip to Iceland to explore the theme of the "perturbed natural world" as it relates to Shakespeare's text. To read more about this adventure, visit the Shakespeare in Global and Local Landscapes blog.

Crooked - Senior Thesis from Kristin Kury

by Catherine Trieschmann
A senior theater thesis directed by Kristin Kury
Spring 2016
Common Room, Goodhart Hall

Fourteen year old Laney arrives in Oxford, Mississippi with a twisted back, a mother in crisis and a burning desire to be writer. When she befriends Maribel Purdy, a fervent believer in the power of Jesus Christ to save her from the humiliations of high school, Laney embarks on a hilarious spiritual and sexual journey that challenges her mother's secular worldview and threatens to tear their fragile relationship apart.

The Saint Plays header image

The Saint Plays
Directed by Catharine Slusar
Fall 2015
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

The Saint Plays was presented in special arrangement with AOI International.

Home is Where Poster Image

HOME IS WHERE: a senior theater thesis
Spring 2015
An evening of two original performances:

a solo performance created and performed by Camilla Dely
a story of coming home, told with christmas lights and crab shells. 


created with performers Amelia Couderc, Erica Rice & Christina Stella 

From within their isolated shelter in a devastated world, their only job is to listen: for contact, a message, a sign of life. As the waiting becomes unbearable, they are both haunted and preserved by their memories of home. How will they hold onto them in this new ritualized existence? 


Headlong Performance Institute Workshop Flyer

A workshop on creating and living a financially sustainable artistic life
Led by Amy Smith
Co-Director of Headlong 
Spring 2015

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Thomas Choinacky
Managing Director
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• Headlong Performance Institute •
1170 S. Broad Street • Philadelphia • PA • 19146
office • 215.545.9195 
fax • 267.687.6630

and / or

Mark Lord
Professor of Theater and
Theresa Helburn Chair of Drama
Bryn Mawr College

Academic Director
The Headlong Performance Institute

Crossing Bryn Mawr Poster

Crossing Bryn Mawr
Directed by Adrienne Mackey
Spring 2015
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

In Crossing Bryn Mawr the audience is invited to imagine the experience of a single student from orientation to graduation transformed into a fairy tale fable. Using the inspiration of the hero’s journey in which a protagonist sets out on a fantastic adventure to overcome a series of obstacles in order to bring back a treasure to their homeland, this story follows the course of a young woman as she sets out in search of knowledge she believes will unlock the future and eventually returns four years as a richer, wiser, and changed person.

Love and Information Poster

Caryl Churchill's Love and Information
Directed by Catharine Slusar
November 2014
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

Photo of The Serpent Woman Cast

The Serpent Woman
Directed by Aaron Cromie
April 2014
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

Photo from Antigone

Fall 2013 Production
Sophocles' Antigone
Directed by Catharine Slusar
November 2013
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

Photo from A Play of Hours

Spring 2013 Production
A Play of Hours
Directed by Mark Lord
April 2013
Hepburn Teaching Theater, McPherson Auditorium
and Various Locations In and Around Goodhart Hall
Bryn Mawr College

Photo from Nina Variations

Fall 2012 Production
The Nina Variations by Steven Dietz
An Explosion of the Final Scene of Chekhov’s The Seagull
Directed by Catharine Slusar
November 2012
Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

Workshop with Performance Artist Tim Miller
April 2012

woman with monkey and a cigarette

April 2012

Listen to Me
November 2011

Stop Kiss
Spring 2011 Student Theater Festival
April 2011

Alice Underground
November 2011

Alice Underground

Spring 2010 Student Theater Festival
April 2010

Artists Cafe

April 2010

Offending the Audience
November 2009

Faith, Hope, and Charity
November 2008

Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights
November 2007

Bryn Mawr at the Fringe Festival
September 2007

Midsummer Night's Dream
November 2006