Thorne School Traditional Preschool

kidThe Thorne School Traditional Preschool generally admits children only for September (although exceptions are occasionally made when space permits). Children applying for September admission to the three-year-old morning program or to the afternoon program must have reached their third birthday by Sept. 1 of the year in which they are to be admitted.

Parental inquires and preliminary applications are welcome at any time of the year, although formal applications from the parents of prospective students are accepted only between December 1 and January 15. Admissions decisions are made by February 28 and parents are notified of their child's acceptance by letter the first week in March. A personal visit to the school is part of the admissions procedure. Children visit in small groups on Saturday mornings in February and are given the opportunity to participate in the usual nursery school activities. This allows both parents and staff to assess the appropriateness of the program for each child.


  • For information about the preschool program, contact Amanda Ulrich at:, or at 610-526-7913.


Thorne School Language Enrichment Preschool Program

The Thorne School Language Enrichment Preschool Program (LEPP) is designed for children with a variety of speech and language needs. Parents interested in the LEPP can contact the director at any time during the year, although admission to the program typically occurs only in September. Formal applications are accepted in February and in March, with decisions made by the end of April. The program director meets with each child and his or her parents to ascertain whether the child is an appropriate candidate for the program. In addition, each child pays a visit to the classroom.

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  • For information about the Language Enrichment Programs, preschool and kindergarten, contact Nancy Rassiga at:, or at