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Kindergarten Center
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Thorne Kindergarten Center at Haverford College

kindergarten at haverford

Bryn Mawr Thorne Kindergarten at Haverford

The Kindergarten Center at Haverford provides a developmentally appropriate, child-centered program in a small and nurturing setting.  The Thorne Kindergarten Center is especially appropriate for parents who wish their children to have a full-day kindergarten experience (8:45-2:30) that combines a traditional kindergarten curriculum with many opportunities for active play and social interaction.  In addition to serving typically developing children, the Kindergarten Center can serve children identified as at-risk for language based learning disabilities.  These students receive additional special services each day, including explicit instruction in literacy and math skills and ongoing classroom support by a certified speech/language pathologist. 


                          Fees for 2017-2018

Kindergarten           8:45am -2:30pm M-F                 $13,500.

($4,500 additonal fee for language enrichment services)




Parents interested in the Bryn Mawr Thorne Kindergarten at Haverford should contact Kate Brown by email ( or at 610-645-0204.