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kindergarten at haverford

Bryn Mawr Thorne Kindergarten at Haverford

The Bryn Mawr Thorne Kindergarten at Haverford, which is based in a restored historic building on the Haverford College campus, was founded in 2004. The traditional program is small - enrolling no more than 14 children - and staffed by a teacher, an assistant teacher and undergraduate assistants.  The class is ideal for families looking for a full-day kindergarten with a nurturing and child-centered approach.  The program combines a kindergarten curriculum with opportunities for active play and social interaction.  The school day runs from 8:45am to 2:30pm.


Parents interested in the Bryn Mawr Thorne Kindergarten at Haverford should contact Shivanee Raj by email ( or at 610-645-0204.

Language Enrichment Kindergarten at Haverford










Since 2004, the Thorne School has also offered a Language Enrichment Kindergarten (LEK) based at Haverford College. The LEK offers a full-day language-enriched kindergarten experience for children identified as at-risk for learning disabilities, with explicit instruction in literacy and math skills. It is staffed by a teacher, an assistant, a speech-language pathologist, and undergraduate assistants.  The student-teacher ratio is about 3:1.

Parents interested in the Language Enrichment Kindergarten should contact Nancy Rassiga by email ( or at 610-526-7633