Faculty-Student Partnerships to Analyze Classroom Practice


The Andrew W. Mellon Teaching and Learning Institute supports faculty members and undergraduate students in partnerships through which they explore, affirm, and revise classroom practice through the Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT) program.

Full-time, continuing faculty members may choose to participate in cross-disciplinary, semester-long, pedagogy seminars and work in one-on-one partnerships with undergraduate students who assume the role of pedagogical consultant. Part-time and interim faculty members are not eligible for participation in the seminars but may partner with student consultants.

In addition to these partnerships, continuing faculty members can participate in TLI2s (for those who have already participated in a faculty pedagogy seminar), Colleagues as Teachers and Learners (cross-visitations between faculty members) and Summer Course Development/Revision Workshops.

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Undergraduate students (sophomores through seniors), postbacs and McBrides are eligible for participation. Students in the role of student consultant meet regularly with their faculty partners to discuss what is happening and what could be happing in their faculty partner’s classroom and meet weekly with other student consultants and with the Coordinator of the TLI.

Click here if you are an undergraduate student at Bryn Mawr College or Haverford College interested in these opportunities.