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Undergraduate students

For Undergraduate Students

Students may apply to participate in the following TLI opportunities:

1. Student Consultant to a faculty member through a partnership based in a faculty pedagogy seminar or through a stand-alone Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT) partnership

2. Reciprocal teaching and learning partnership with staff or faculty members

3. The BMC Time Bank

All applications and inquires regarding the SaLT program should be directed to Alison Cook-Sather.

All applications and inquiries regarding reciprocal teaching and learning partnerships and the Time Bank should be directed to Jessica Hollinger Vinson.

1. Student Consultants to Faculty Members

This opportunity is supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Teaching and Learning Institute. Students who assume the role of consultant work up to 7 hours per week in the paid role of pedagogical partner to a faculty member. Through this partnership you analyze, affirm, and revise classroom practice in the context of one of your faculty partner’s courses with the goal of maximizing engagement and learning for all involved.


  • be a Bryn Mawr or Haverford student
  • be a sophomore, junior, senior, post-bac, or McBride
  • have taken at least one education course in the bi-co or have had experience in an educational role, such as through PLI or the Writing Center or as a Peer Tutor or a Hall Advisor, in which you critically considered and discussed issues in learning, teaching, and classrooms
  • be willing to commit to and follow through on the responsibilities inherent in the role (see list below), communicate with honesty and courtesy, reflect on this work using the means provided, and uphold the privacy of your partner and keep strictly confidential what is discussed between you and your partner and at meetings.


A student who chooses to take on the responsibility of a Student Consultant commits to:

  • attending and participating in weekly, semi-structured, one-hour discussions focused on what is happening in your faculty partner’s classrooms and how to support faculty exploration, affirmation, and revision of pedagogical practices
  • visiting your faculty partner’s class each week and taking detailed observation notes focused on pedagogical issues he or she identifies
  • typing up your observation notes each week
  • meeting weekly with your faculty partner
  • offering mid-semester and end-of-semester feedback
  • participating in five sessions per semester of the pedagogy seminars in which faculty are engaged

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2. Reciprocal Teaching and Learning Partnership with Staff or Faculty Members

Through the Empowering Learners Partnership program, you partner with a staff or faculty member in a unique, reciprocal relationship through which you take turns teaching and learning a skill or interest. Skills exchanged have included cooking, computer use, crafts, literacy development, language instruction, music appreciation, martial arts, religious studies, and home maintenance.

You should expect to dedicate two to four hours a week to your partnership and program meetings.

Students from both Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College (including McBride, post-bac, and graduate students) are encouraged to apply if interested in participating.

The student application can be found on the student employment website. A Director’s Grant from the Mellon Foundation for the 2006-7 academic year supported an hourly wage for students, now supported by the College. Students may opt to use their program participation as fieldwork in selected Education classes instead of a paid position.

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3. BMC Time Bank

Information about the Time Bank