Transportation Rental Service

The College Owns 7 And 8 Passenger Vans For Rent To The
Tri-College Community.

The following requirements of the Transportation Department
must be followed.

  1. Vehicle rentals are only for college related trips.
  2. To make a reservation, fill out the Rental Reservation Form 30 days prior to a planned trip.
  3. The date, time of pick-up, time of return, destination, driver's name and all other information pertaining to the trip must be included in the request.
  4. A contact person must be identified with a telephone number & address provided. This contact person should have the authority to accept options associated with vehicle rental and be responsible for the payment of the bill.
  5. The round-trip will not exceed 300 miles and there is a two hour limit of uninterrupted driving time per driver.
  6. The minimum age requirement for student drivers is 18 years old with two years driving experience.
  7. There is a cancellation charge of $20.00 per day for vans and $50.00 per day for buses plus a $60 driver fee when applicable.

If the renter is providing their own drivers, those drivers must:

  1. Be certified by the Transportation Department. This requires passing a on-line written test as well as an on-road driving test conducted by the Transportation Department. The fee for driver certification is $30.00. Drivers are required to fill out a:
    (MS Word)
    and send it via campus mail or deliver it to Oscar Payne in the Transportation Department in the Ward Building between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm M-T. 11:00am to 5:00pm on Friday. Pennsylvania and California drivers musy fill out a special form in person at the Transportation Office. This will allow us to check their motor vehicle record from the state issuing their drivers license. A copy of the driver's motor vehicle record will be obtained and reviewed. Drivers will receive an email link directing them to an on-line written test. Upon passing the on-line written test the driver will then be required to take an on-road driving test. Email to set up a time to take the road test. Completing and passing both tests and having a safe driving record certifies a driver to operate a College owned vehicle. Tests for all drivers designated for the trip must occur at least thirty days prior to the trip.
  2. Obtain the assigned vehicle keys and log the vehicle out in the transportation log book located in the Public Safety Office.
  3. Obtain and complete a yellow trip form.
  4. Make a visual inspection of the vehicle noting any signs of damage or other problems. All vehicle problems must be reported to the Public Safety Office immediately.
  5. Return the vehicle clean and filled with fuel. Gas cards are located on the key ring of each vehicle. There will be a $20.00 cleaning charge for all vehicles returned in an unclean condition.
  6. Check the oil during the course of the trip as needed.
  7. Return the vehicle to the parking area and return the keys to the Public Safety Office. The driver must log in the vehicle in the transportation log book.



42 Passenger Buses - Professional Driver Required
$50.00 per Day
$20.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum
$2.00 per mile

26 Passenger Mini Bus - Professional Driver Required
$50.00 per Day
$20.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum
$2.00 per mile

7 & 8 Passenger Vans - Students, Faculity & Staff can drive if certified
$20.00 per Day

$1.00 per mile
$20.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum (for professional driver if needed)