Rules of the Road

Bicycles are an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly form of transportation. But, it is important to know the rules for riding a bike in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Basic Rules to Know:

  • Traffic laws apply to bicyclists
  • One (1) hand must be on the handlebars at all times
  • Between sunset and sunrise all cyclists should have a front white light and a rear red light
  • You can ride on sidewalks
  • When on sidewalks pedestrians have the right away
  • You CAN NOT ride on the sidewalk in a business district
  • You CAN NOT ride your bike on the freeway
  • Please wear a helmet!

Educational and Safety Information : What you need to know about Pennsylvania bike laws and other tips for safe bicycling.

For more information on bicycling in the Greater Philadelphia Area, check out The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.