Tri-College Child and Family Studies (CFS) Consortium


The Tri-College Child and Family Studies (CFS) Consortium is an interdisciplinary group of faculty from many departments (e.g, Anthropology, Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Comparative Literature, and Social Work) who share interests in children, families, schools, and social-cultural contexts. Within this broad framework, different disciplines focus inquiry into the biological, familial, socioeconomic, political, cultural, and educational dimensions of child and family well-being and the varying life courses and life chances of individuals.

CFS Minor

This CFS Minor provides a cohesive educational opportunity for undergraduate students interested in a wide array of problems, possibilities, and ideas concerning children and the experience of childhood, as well as in modes of investigating and responding to these. The CFS Minor enables students to explore the experiences of children and adolescents in the context of questions relating to parenting, race, class, gender/sexualities, schooling and informal education, and the places and roles of children in societies and cultures.

CFS Activities/Events

The CFS holds four gatherings per semester for the program director and students in the CFS minor to discuss topics of interest. Meetings consist of discussion sessions facilitated by a range of individuals, including CFS students, affiliated faculty and staff, and guest speakers. Meetings will be one hour in length, with times to be arranged.

CFS Praxis/Internships

The CFS will maintain on its website an ongoing resource list for praxis and internship opportunities in child and family settings. In addition, the CFS will sponsor an annual Poster Session during which students will share highlights of their CFS campus and field-based praxis/internship/work experiences related to children and families.