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Members of the Board of Trustees 2013 - 14


Cynthia A. Archer ’75*           

Edith Aviles de Kostes ’88      

Susan Kelly Barnes ’76*  

Sandy Baum '72

Mary L. Clark ’87           

Susan Jin Davis '86

Arlene Joy Gibson ’65   

Cheryl R. Holland ’80                     

Denise Lee Hurley ’82*   

Justine D. Jentes ’88          

Eileen P. Kavanagh ‘75          

     President of the Alumnae


Amy T. Loftus ’90                     

Ann Logan ’76                        

Susan MacLaurin ’84    

Patrick T. McCarthy PhD '81     

Margaret M. Morrow ’71*         

Randolph M. Nelson       

Georgette C. Phillips ’81       

William E. Rankin                   

Margaret Sarkela '74

Willa Seldon ’82*                           

Beth Springer ’86                       

Janet L. Steinmayer ’77*

Elizabeth Vogel Warren '72 

Caroline C. Willis '66          

Irving B. Yoskowitz                     

Ex Officio

Kimberly W. Cassidy
President of the College




* Officers and Special Representatives are elected for one-year terms.





Updated 2/24/2014

Special Representatives

Bridget B. Baird ’69 

Drew Gilpin Faust ’68

Linda A. Hill ’77    

Catherine Koshland and

Howard Lutnick

    Co- Chairs, Board of Managers

     Haverford College

Trustees Emeriti

Fred C. Baumert

Betsy Zubrow Cohen ’63

Anna Lo Davol ’64

Anthony T. Enders

Constance Tang Fong ’55

Nancy Greenewalt Frederick ’50

Lucy Norman Friedman ’65

Donald N. Gellert 

Hanna Holborn Gray ’50

Johanna Alderfer Harris ’51

Alan Hirsig

Fern Hunt ’69

Beverly J. Lange ’67

Jacqueline Koldin Levine ’46

Roland Machold

Jacqueline Badger Mars ’61

Ruth Kaiser Nelson ’58

Dolores G. Norton, MSS ’60, PhD ’69

David W. Oxtoby

Robert Parsky

Shirley D. Peterson ’63

R. Anderson Pew

Alice Mitchell Rivlin ’52

Barbara P. Robinson’62

Sally Shoemaker Robinson ’53

Edmund B. Spaeth, Jr.

Susan Savage Speers ’51

Barbara Janney Trimble ’60

Betsy Havens Watkins ’61

James Wood

Sally Hoover Zeckhauser ’64