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Summer Research Fellowships

Bridget Costello

During the summer of 2002, I worked as an intern in the Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Art Department at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in Brooklyn, New York. I was one of two interns working under the supervision of Madeline Cody, a research associate in the department. While there, I worked with the other undergraduate intern on the World War II provenance project. We compiled a database consisting of the information on the accession cards of every object in the department's collection, which consists of several thousand Egyptian objects alone. Our work on a digitalized catalogue of the department's collection is a preliminary stage of the project that will enable other researchers to begin their search for a detailed provenance with a codified database of all of the information available about each art object.

Additionally, it will now serve as a faster, more reliable, and more accessible source of information for the curators. Objects are searchable by type, accession number, provenance, donor, and a number of other categories. During my short time at the museum, I also provided clerical support on occasion to the department's assistant and was given the chance to look through the Museum's archives in search of a presumed missing piece of art about which a member of the donor's family had inquired.

Overall, the internship was a valuable educational experience that  afforded me the opportunity to work in one of the world's  premier Egyptology departments, explore not only the Brooklyn  Museum's collections, but also the collections of every major museum in New York City, and cemented my interest in pursuing a career in museum work.