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A Student-Faculty Panel addressing Jane Golden's Gellert Lecture:

"Transforming Communities Through Art:
Mural Painting as an Agent of Social Change
Friday, April 13, 2-4 pm, Thomas Library 110

Part One2:00 pm
Historical and Artistic Perspectives
(5-10 minutes each)

David Cast, Professor of History of Art: "Defaming Pictures in Renaissance Italy"

Jennifer Webb, Master's Candidate in History of Art: "Cleveland's Library Murals: The Intersection of Local, Regional, and National Agendas"

Nicole Leighton, Master's Candidate in History of Art: "Constructing Memory and Identity: Graffiti Memorials in North Philadelphia"

Suzannah Niepold, Senior Major in History of Art: "Peace Wall: Photography, Direct Projection, and Community Relevancy"

2:45 pm Coffee Break

Part Two3:00 pm
Political, Anthropological, & Social Policy Perspectives
(5-10 minutes each)

Marc Ross, Professor of Political Science: "The Politics of Public Art, Sculpture and Monuments in Northern Ireland, Jerusalem, and the American South"

Mary Doi, Assistant Professor of Anthropology "Broadcasting Capitalist Culture?: Visibility and Power in Uzbekistan"

Part Three3:30 pm
Response and Discussion

Jane Golden, Director of Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia Department of Recreation