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Colloquium in Visual Culture —FALL 2005
Thomas Library 224
Wednesday, 12:30 - 1:45 pm
Refreshments Served

September 21

Lisa Saltzman

Department of History of Art
(Bryn Mawr College)

"Kara Walker: In the Shadows of History"

Madhavi Kale Department of History
(Bryn Mawr College) 
"Screening Empire at Home"
Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw Department of Art History
(University of Pennsylvania)

"Negro Portraits: Signifying Enslavement and Portraying People in the Antebellum Period"

Nicholas Mirzoeff Department of Art and Art Professions
(New York University)
"What is the Contemporary Now? The Place of the 'South'?"

Martha Easton

Department of History of Art
(Bryn Mawr College) 

"Girls Will Be Boys: Cross-Dressing in Medieval Hagiography and Romance"

Robin Wagner-Pacifici Department of Sociology and Anthropology
(Swarthmore College)

"The Heavy Lifting of Pieces of Paper in the Performance of History"

Robert Shandley

Department of German
(Texas A&M)

"How Rome Saved Hollywood"

Patty White

Department of English
(Swarthmore College)

"Feminist Independents: Women's Filmmaking Local and Global"

Margaret Werth

Department of Art History
(University of Delaware)

"The Visual Culture of the Face"