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Colloquium in Visual Culture — FALL 1999
Thomas Library
Wednesday, Wednesday, 1-2pm
September 8
Steven Levine
Dept. of History of Art
"What is Visual Culture? A Wecome "
September 15
Dale Kinney
Dept. of History of Art
"Marvels of Rome"
September 22
Cassandra S. Gunkel
Dept. of English and Program in Africana Studies
"African American Quilters and Visual Representation"
September 29
T. Corey Brennan
Depts. of Greek and Latin
"Black Sappho"
October 6
Catherine LaFarge
Dept. of French
"Victorian Mediumship"
October 13
Jane Caplan
Dept. of History
"Now You See It, Now You Don't: Tatooing in Europe's Past"
October 20
Barbara M. Lane
Program in Growth & Structure of Cities
"Some Reflections on Evidence and Interpretation in Writing Architectural History"
October 27

Marc H. Ross

Matthew Kerbel

Dept. of Poltical Science

Dept. of Political Science, Villanova

"News Frames"
November 3

Carol W. Campbell

Karen Wolf

College Collections

Dept. of History of Art

"Classical Mythology Prints"
November 10
William K. Randolph
Dept. of History of Art
"Post Modernism in Art History"
November 17
Brunhilde S. Ridgway
Dept. of Greek and Near Eastern Archaeology
"Why Are We Still Studying Greek Sculpture?"
Novemeber 24
James C. Wright
Dept. of Greek and Near Eastern Archaeology
"We Are What We Want You to See: Agency and Appropriation in the Creation of an Elite Visual Identity in Mycenaean Greece"
December 1
Michael Krausz
Dept. of Philosophy
"Aims of Interpretation"
December 8
Grace M. Armstrong
Dept. of French
"Crossing the Boundaries: Yvain and His Lion in the Garrett"