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Colloquium in Visual Culture — FALL 2000
Thomas Library
Wednesday, 1-2pm
September 6
Steven Z. Levine
Dept. of History of Art
"From Jew-Essence to Jouissance: On Self-Portaiture as a Jewish Joke"
September 13
Jeffrey Cohen

Digital Media and Visual Resource Center

"Webbed Windows on Evolving Architectrual Landscapes"
September 20
Richard Hamilton
Dept. of Greek
"Painting with Numbers: The Religious Iconography of Classical Athenian Vases"
September 27
Marc Howard Ross
Dept. of Political Science
"Parading in Northern Ireland: Psychocultural Dramas and Interpretations"
October 4
Sanford F. Schram
Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
October 11
Edward O'Neill
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Film Studies
"Can the Time-Image Be Postmodern? Delueze, The Matrix and Titanic"
October 25
Lisa Saltzman
Dept. of History of Art
"Trauma and Memory"
November 1
Susan S. Levine
Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute
"On the Mirror Stage with Henry and Eliza, or Play-ing with Pygmalion in Five Acts"
November 8
Gridley McKim-Smith
Dept. of History of Art
"Why Spaniards Wore Black"
November 15
Carola Hein
Program in Growth and Structure of Cities
"Dissolving the Metropolis: Neighborhoods in Japan: A Model for Western City Design"
November 22
Debra T. Cashion
Dept. of History of Art
"Imitation and Artistic Property in the Art of Nikolaus Glockendon"
November 29
Jane Hedley
Dept. of English
"The Woman is Perfected: Sylvia Plath's Ekphrastic Impulse"
December 6
Victor Donnay
Dept. of Mathematics
"Computer Visualization in Mathematics"
December 13
Imke Meyer
Dept. of German and German Studies
"Visual Imagination(s) in Viennese Modern Texts"