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Colloquium in Visual Culture — FALL 2001
Thomas Library 224
Wednesday, 12:30 - 1:45 pm

September 5

Mel McCombie, BMC '76

Visiting Associate Professor
of Art History,
University of Connecticut
"Art Appreciation at Caesar's Palace"
Robert Folkenflik Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine "The Rupert Barber Portraits of Jonathan Swift"
*Cancelled due to terrorist activities 9/11/01
Hilarie Johnston, BMC '76 Exhibitions Coordinator, Haverford College " Hamadryads: A Gallery Talk on Her Recent Paintings and Sculptures"
Susan Bell Professor of Sociology, Bowdoin College "Photo Images: Jo Spence's Narratives of Breast Cancer"
Jessica Fishman Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania "Documenting Death: Photojournalism in the Tabloid and Elite Newspaper"
Susannna Thomas Bryn Mawr College
Program in Growth and
Structure of Cities, '02
"Theatre of Resistance: The Work of the Publix Theatre Caravan"
October 17

Fall Vacation

Carola Hein

Bryn Mawr College
Assistant Professor of
Growth and Structure of Cities

"Design Competitions and National Culture in Germany and Japan"
Anna McCarthy Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies, New York University "Fordism and the History of Television Advertising"

Martha Easton

Lecturer in History of Art, Bryn Mawr College "The Wound of Christ, the Mouth of Hell: Appropriations and Inversions of Female Anatomy in the Art of the Later Middle Ages"
Teja Ganti Minority Scholar in Residence, Center for Visual Culture, Bryn Mawr College "Much More Than a Song and Dance: The Social and Visual World of Hindi Film Music"
November 21
Thanksgiving Break
Harrison Eiteljorg, II Director, Center for the Study of Architecture,
Bryn Mawr College
"Did Mnesicles' Reach Exceed His Grasp? The CSA Propylaea Project"
Derin Tanyol Research Associate, Center for Visual Culture,
Bryn Mawr College
"Imperial Dialects: Monumentality and Anecdotalism in Napoleonic Painting"
Harris Friedberg Professor of English, Wesleyan University "'Are You Popular?': Mental Hygiene, Rock 'n' Roll, and the Economy of Dating"