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Colloquium in Visual Culture — SPRING 2000
Thomas Library
Wednesday, 1-2 pm
January 19
David Cast
Dept. of History of Art
"The Nude as Ordinary Truth: Henry Tonks and the Slade Tradition"
January 26
Allison Levy
Dept. of History of Art
"Widow's Peek: Another Look at Itlaian Renaissance Portraiture"
February 2

Cindy Wong

Gary McDonogh

Performing and Creative Arts, CSI-CUNY

Growth and Structure of Cities Program

"Disenchanted Lights: Rethinking Cinematic Consumption in Hong Kong"
February 9
Janet Doner
Department of French
"Illuminating Romance: Text and Image in the Illustrated Manuscripts of the Continuation-Gauvin"
Ian Lockhead
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
"Beyond the Edge of the World: The Search for National Identity in Twentieth Century New Zealand Architecture"
March 1
Maria Gonzalez
University of the Inacrnate World, San Antonio
"The 'Other Side' of the Mural: Maria Izquierdo and the Search for Mexican Modernism
March 15
Tamara Johnston
Registrar of College Collections
"Rite and Ritual: African Masks for the College's Collections"
March 22
Jennifer Hirsh
Dept. of History of Art
"Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who's the Fairest of Them All? The Erotics of Women's Hair in Godard's Contempt and Bertolucci's Conformist"
March 29
Karen Wolf
Dept. of History of Art
"Painting and Oratory at Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome: The Rhetoric of Comparison"
April 5
Leo Costello
Dept. of History of Art
"A Diificult History and an Uncertain Future: Turner's Slave Ship and the Dynamics of the Sublime"
April 12
Patricia Likos Ricci
Elizabethtown College
"The Harlot's Progress: Interpreting Prostitutes in the 18th & 19th Centuries"
April 19
Joanna Smith
Dept. of Classical and Near-Eastern Archaeology
"Looking at Cypro-Minoan Inscriptions to 'Read' the Unreadable"
April 26
Sabrina DeTurk
LaSalle University
"Does Digital Art have an (Art) History?"
May 3
Gretchen Bender
Dept. of History of Art
"As Far as the Eye Can See: Men, Women and the Wandering Gaze in Eduard Gaertner's Cityscapes and Caspar David Friedrich's Landscapes"