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Center for Visual Culture Colloquium Series — Spring 2001
Thomas Library
Wednesday, 1-2pm
January 24
Toba Kerson
Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
"Reel Seizures"
January 31
Dale Kinney
Dept. of History of Art
"The Horse and the Cuckoo: Narrating Marcus Aurelius"
February 7
Phyllis Bober
Dept. of History of Art
"Appropriation in the Rennaisance: Bacchic Imagery in Christian Context:
February 14
Elaine Beretz
Dept. of History
"Of Pious Donations and Sacramental Monopolies: Funding the Construction of Saint-Etienne, Beauvais, c.1090-c.1220"
February 21
Sarah Wilburn
Dept. of English
"Victorian Mediumship"
February 28
College Art Association Conference
No Meeting
March 7
Jordanna Bailkin
Dept. of History, Columbia University
"Race and Aesthetics"
March 14
Spring Break
No Meeting
March 21
Dept. of Latin
"Cleopatra: Images of Female Power"
March 28
Jane E. Boyd
Dept. of Art History, University of Delaware
"The Picturesque Iron Road? Depicting Railroads in the 19th-Century French Landscape"
April 4
Maureen Pelta
Moore College of Art and Design
"Vasari's Rome: Alternative History as Transfromative Myth"
April 11
Jonathan Kahana
Department of English
"Cinema and 'Otobiography': Isaac Julien's Frantz Fanon"
April 18
Paul Grobstein
Department of Biology
"The Brain's Images: Reflecting and Creating Human Understanding"
April 25
The Johns Hopkins University and ACE Fellow; Bryn Mawr College
"Cultural Icons in Medicine: From the Edwin Smith Papyrus to Lous Gehrig"
May 2
David Rabeeya
Program in Hebrew and Judaic Studies
"Musical and Visual Culture of Sephardic Jewry"
May 9
Sarah Bassett
Wayne State University and Center for Visual Culture Fellow
"Constantinople and Antiquity"