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Colloquium in Visual Culture — SPRING 2003
Thomas Library 224
Wednesday, 12:30 - 1:45 pm
Refreshments Served
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January 29

James Krippner-Martinez

Department of History,
Haverford College
"Images, Contexts, and the Photographer: Paul Strand in Mexico 1932-34"
Dana Leibsohn Department of Art,
Smith College
"Mind, Matter, and Media: Working the Digital Image Thing"
Geoffrey F. Compton Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
University of Michigan
"Visual(izing) Culture: Computer Technologies for the Representation and Analysis of Archaeological Data"
Roger Benjamin, PhD 1985 Power Institute of Art,
University of Sydney
"Renoir in Algiers: The Impressionist as Orientalist"
Shelley Stamp Dept. of Film and Digital Media
University of California, Santa Cruz
"It's a Long Way to Filmland': Starlets, Screen Hopefuls and Extras in Early Hollywood"
March 12
No Colloquium SPRING BREAK  

Ann Chernow

Printmaker "Bad Girls, Good Girls, New Prints by Ann Chernow"
Timothy Harte Department of Russian
Bryn Mawr College
"Communism and Kinetics: Modern Sports in Soviet Cinema of the 1920s"

Dominic Bryan

Institute of Irish Studies
Queens University, Belfast

"Appropriating Irish History: The Representation of Loyalist Paramilitaries in Orange Parades"
Christopher Pavsek Department of German
Haverford College
"Watching Late Godard"

Daniela Holt Voith, AB 1976

Voith & Mactavish Architects, Philadelphia "Mission and Identity: the Making of Millbrook School's Campus"
Elizabeth Milroy Department of Art History
Wesleyan University
"Leaving Well Enough Alone: Planning Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, 1867-1880"
Kristen Frederickson, PhD 1992 Kristen Frederickson Contemporary Art, New York City "Transitions: From Academe to Art Market"