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Class Colors

While class colors may not be a part of the College Visual Identity, they still play an important role to Bryn Mawr students and traditions.

Each incoming class at Bryn Mawr "gets" one of four class colors: dark blue, green, light blue, or red. The colors are given in that order: the class color is determined by where in the pattern the class falls. Class colors play a major role in the design of each year's May Day Scroll and also appear on tote bags, T-shirts, and, of course, the ubiquitous class color button.

Class color buttons

There are no hard and fast rules for what the class colors are except that they have to be some kind of dark blue, green, light blue, and red. There are no rules for how, or where, or when, they have to be used. Class colors operate outside the "official" system and can be interpreted and implemented by each class according to their tastes and needs.

For more on class colors, please see the post: "Are Class Colors Part of the VIP?" on the Visual Identity Project blog, from which this content is adapted.